Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Coretan sebelum Aidilfitri 2012..

We were heading back to Terengganu on Thursday morning at 4.30 am. Yes, it was 3 hours delayed from the actual plan. Put the blame on Adryan. Night before, he was cranky all night, refused to sleep till 12 am. Everytime mommy tried to pack the stuffs, he will nagged me to breastfeed, requested to play and worst thing messing up all the folded clothes. After many trials to put him to sleep, he finally slept with his mommy zonked out too. I just woke up at 2.30am, packing up all the stuffs and went to nearest McD for sahur. And Adam also woke up at 3am followed with his lil bro to join the sahur too. Just imagine meriahnye waktu sahur kami sekeluarga time tu. After picked up my 2nd cousins at Sg Buloh, we reached toll Gombak at 6.30 am. Alhamdulillah, we safely arrived K.T at 11am after 4hours+ driving. #therealchallenge

So this time Ramadhan, syukur we had chance to have iftar at hometown for 3 days before raya with the whole family. At night, toke mercun aka Eysu Hekal bought the kids some bunga api to play. Last time Adam was to scare to hold the bunga api, wahhh sekarang dah hebat. Every nite requested to play bunga api. Nuh pun baru berjinak. Next year mesti expert jugak.

Tapi still kaku...

And had chance to play tanglung too...
*mommy terimbas kenangan waktu kecik, jalan pusing rumah bawak tanglung*

Last day puasa, mommy kerah anak teruna kemas rumah. *or else diorang lagik buat sepah* While the uncles helped Omma to hang the curtains and vacuum-ed the carpets, Adam helped me to clean the table..Good job boy =)


And the lil boy..
As usual helping mommy to mess up the house again n again...

Bola rotan hiasan jadik part of his toys..

Tempat hiasan pun diorang nak main..
Nasib lah Omma..
Lucky Omma house free from all crystal or expensive vases, jenuh mommy nk ganti pulak karang , hehehe..

Boys will always be boys..
*note to Che Mimi, doa-doa lah baby kuar gigirl plak, kalau tak raya tahun depan haru biru ler rumah Omma & Okki*


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ishamizu said...

Hehe selamat hari raya to you dear and family! Bestnya dot blk kg awal..;) dpt kids main bunga api..! Kt sini my kids tak merasa main bunga api..kene tgu 2 thn lg la nmpknya ;D

Nway, rajinnya adam tlg lap meja..dh boleh hrp dah..;) yg adryan plak comel je 'mengemas' tu hehe. Sama je dgn Zafri dear..;)

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