Thursday, August 30, 2012

macy oh macy !!!

*So sorry that you have to read my frustration on this entry*

I'm so pissed off with macy now. I cannot concentrate on my work and my plan to update entry raya also has to be postponed due to update this entry and channel my frustration at the right way!*hahaha, nak mengamuk sorang2 tak boleh sebab duk kat office* It all about the purchase of my dining set that I've made 3 weeks ago. Yes, the house that we've stayed for more than 3 years is without the dining set. Kinda weird kan. I'd prefer to use island table that came with the kitchen furniture. So we bought few high chairs and the island already served to be our dining table for couple of year. By doing this, I thought that I can save the area and give more spaces for the kids to play. I was wrong. With Adam and Ryan started to grow up, we really think that we need to have a set of small dining table so that we can have a proper family meal time together. So during last Ramadhan, we make visit to macy to check out the small and simple dining table. Macy is having great sale that time and dining table was offered to have discount up until 25%. So tempting. So after many visit to their different outlets, we have decided on a 4.5 feet length dining set which cost only RM1000++. Delivery was arranged to reach at my place at that time I was already in Terengganu. Its ok, so we postponed to day after raya when we already come back to Shah Alam.  

The problem started on the 5th raya when we received a call from macy saying that cannot deliver the dining set on the stated date. And they cannot even promise when is the new date. I was not answering the call so I did not get the detail. So when I came back to work, I make call to their customer service. They said, the dining set sent by their supplier has defects. The supplier site still did not come to collect the defect set and replacing to the new set is still not yet confirm. Ok. I said you go and settle and come back to my by Thursday. Which is today. Early this morning, I received a call from the customer service again. Due to the problem at their supplier site, they cannot carry over the design. Wohohoho. *ingat senang ke nak dapat design lain* And yes, she sent to email the proposed design too. Unfortunately, I don't like the proposed design. *I've seen that at Citta Mall* I really don't like the chair's fabric design. So cheap and the quality also bad.

Our current island table and high chairs..
*tolong abaikan rumah I yg berselerak itu, the only picture I found in my pic folder*

Allaska Dining Set proposed by them..

I've replied back the email and not agreed with this one. To be franked, I'm still confused whether just to refund the money or accept with any dining set they have. The bad thing is, with all the trouble they caused me, they not even offered me with something good to cool down my temperature *such a bad customer service they have*. I still have to top up the money if the dining set is above what I've purchased. And the price of new table that I'm gonna get whether cheaper/higher compared to the previous sale, I'm not sure. But they are having sale on 31st Aug too. So stress now. I'm not a new macy user. I've bought their sofa set year ago, and the whole of my katil bujang set also came from macy. And every purchase I've made, there must be problem in between. Still remember the bedroom set I bought also out of of stock, instead of oak color, I received a light brown color. Hate it!!And sofa set we bought, so difficult to deal since the fabrics we chose, every time also out of stock. End up I've just need to choose whatever close to the color I wanted.Argghhhh!! But I don't know why I still go back to them. Maybe because of the designs of the furniture they have are very interesting, but I think they have to focus on their delivery and system now.

Or should I refund and just go for IKEA set. But the price also not cheap.I thought that I can have a set of dining table during this raya, nampak macam takde harapan lah. Pity the guests need to climb up the highchairs again. huhuhuhu. Takde rezeki. Whatever it is, I'm still waiting for the customer service to reply. I also cannot view the stock table they have since the website also did not updated with all the design they have. So bad. They should do something!!

Frustrated buyer :'(

Latest update: Seems like they really don't bother to refund back the money *so berlagak* And will try to help to find the outlet with dining set I want. But, just imagine I have to go through the long cycle again. Go to the outlets *could be 2,3 outlets at different directions*, find the dining set to replace, wait for 2 working weeks  14 working days for delivery. This will not include if the items that I want soon, out of stock too. So bad. And today, after work, Mr Hubs agreed to follow me to IKEA. Hopefully, they have a good design suits me oppss my house. Owh macy!!! U just give me a bad bad day!!!


Unknown said...

kesiannya dear.. try usha website IKEA since they ada new things for 2013

zahira said...

Nasib baik so far takde bad experience with macy. Klong pegi dkt taipan.

mommynadia said...

IKEA mahal lah u!

mommynadia said...

Itulah nasib tak berapa baik,SELALU!
Aiseh. Dah pergi Taipan jugak, tapi diorang tk bnyk choice,itu pergi IOI mall. Yg pelik dining nak tu kat taipan ada jugak, tapi harga smp 1600.Pelik company sama tapi harga lain.

mama ct said...

ikea lah darl...tengok dlm website dia...senang cerita....;-)

kalau i....refund dah tu....sakit hati betul baca entry tu....i pulak yg stress!!!

Unknown said...

Br beli something from macy...service bagus..maybe sbb beli kt HQ kot..pstu time2 raya tepon nk konfemkan delivery

Tp btlla masa g macy ioi staff kata xleh mix suka2 ati (sbb masa tu tgk promo2 set2) pstu g hq kata leh je mix2 tp harga ada diff sikit..few hundreds..

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