Friday, June 8, 2012

Four Points by Sheraton, Langkawi Resort..

When we decided to go for a Langkawi trip, of course lah after the flight booking settled, the second things that I being googling for was the resort at Langkawi. *berpinau mata $$$$* Since we went in group of family, to stay at 4,5 stars hotel for 3 nights, memang tak mampu lah, lagipun membazir je sebab most of the time duduk jalan2 kat luar. So, the 3rd day of the trip, we wanted to have something very relax and leisure activities with semi luxury accommodations. 2 months before the trip, I have booked 2 rooms for all of us. Thank you so much for  b2bhotelclub. The special rate they offered memang the best ever!! Being using this for few of our hotel trips already, save cost ok. I have listed many of hotel/resort yg memang berkenan kat hati, tapi kena tambah tolak jugak memikirkan kemampuan yg ada. Alih2 one night tengah google, terserempak dengan resort ni..  

Its a Four Points by Sheraton..

Its a new hotel by Sheraton. But it was not a new building. They bought the resort from previous company and doing almost 90% renovations. The old one known as Langkasuka Resort. Hahaha, no wonder tengah google dulu tengok macam kenal aje. Ini lah resort me and Mr Hubby berhoneymoon dulu. Adooiiilah. Terus book.Saja nak mengimbas kenangan lama lah. Dulu berdua..sekarang berempat..ahaiiiii...

Launched in Nov 2011
*b'day my mom!! =)*

The hotel interior design is very simple and nice. This is my first time to see the 4 stars hotel as simple as this. But they said less is more. Its so true!!Let's have a tour to this hotel. Jom!!

The reception area at the lobby area..

Coffee lounge at the lobby..

Before this tempat ni cafe..
Still remember we had breakfast last time at this area..=)
*kan dah terimbau kenangan... wink*

From the lobby area, u can see the swimming pool and the white beach..
 While at the right side is their cafe..

The resort building...

We checked in for 2 adjoining rooms..

1 king bed...

and twin sharing beds..
*design ala2 Hard Rock Hotel gitewww*

Simple right..but we are happy for that..

A very spacious room for my kids to play, no need to worry about the beautiful side lamp or watsover. The only thing lack here for me is, maybe they need to put carpet..sejuk lah!!

Request for a baby cot..

A simple and wide wardrobe..

Perasan tak gmbr kecik tu, the room already provided with ironing stuff..

Sob free flow of coffee..

The bathroom...

Well, not much different with Langkasuka before..
Big space bathroom, clean bathtub with superb showers!!
Thumbs up..

Complimentary of Sheraton...
Everything is lemon..I loike!! <3

Since we took the cheapest room, so tkde lah seaview bagai...
But we had so much fun here..lepak2 makan laksa and rojak..

Move to other facilities provided...

I would say, their swimming pool is the best among the best!!
Superb weiiiii...

They also provide pool for kids..

Beside the swimming pool is the fitness centre and the kids club..
The fitness centre is operating for 24 hours and facing the seaview..wallaweiii!!

And their  private sandy so beautiful..

Boleh lah untuk main2 air laut with my kids..

Cafe from the swimming pool view... 

We really enjoy our staying. Worth with money paid. * Only at RM290 ++ with 2 breakfast provided, ok kan!!* Yang penting kena book awal2. Takdapat Four Seasons, Four Points ok what  (>.<) Wait for  my next entry. Our activity at hotel on our 3rd and 4th day Langkawi trip....

Thumbs up Four Points!!
* nak pergi lagik*

Our Awesome Langkawi Trip Diary:


Mrs.Yana @ K.M & B.U.M.P said...

ya, simple tapi menarik.. lagipun sesuai la untuk orang yang tak duduk di bilik kan.. :)

amirah said...

wow...interesting..bestnya cuti kat sini

RuZaNNa said...

Bagus nih!! I pun tgh carik hotel for our langkawi trip next jan..hopefully xnaik harga..btw jauh tak from pekan/tenpat2 makan?

mommyNadia said...

a'a simple..but nice ;)

mommyNadia said...

best sgt..tenang,kebetulan tak ramai orang..and staffdiorang sgt friendly...semua from Sheraton staff!

mommyNadia said...

Kalau book awal,mmg boleh dpt best price..tapi lil bit gamble lah kan..

Tempat dia sgt strategic,why we chose to stay on 3rd/4th day,sb it took about 3min aje from airport. Hehehe.Nak mkn senang, pergi Pantai Cenang..dekat je.

Kalau Pekan Kuah jauh sket, tp ok je,malam tu kitorang still pusing2 Kuah jugak..hehhehe

Mek Rose said...

mcm bes la nad...err langkasuka yg bangunan dia cam ala2 indon tu eh? dekat ngan airport kan?

mommyNadia said...

mmg dekat dgn airport, betul2 kat simpang..ala lupa plak,ada ala2 indon tak..
tapi adik Nadia kata yer..hehehe

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