Friday, June 8, 2012

Calling all giveaway lovers!!

Hi everyone..Happy Fridays!
I have good news to share here *hulahoooooppp* Its a giveaway from mama Airin aka my friend, my office mate, one of blogger mommies and used to be my neighbours once hehehehe.. 

Direction to her lovely blog. -----> A New Beginning blog..

Back to her giveaway..
Its an easy peasy lomen squeezy giveaway...
Just drop your..
Name : mommynadia
Email address :
Blog :
How do you know her blog : As per explained above..hehehehehe
That's about it! If any of you extra, extra rajin, you can write and entry about herself too...

And the prize waiting for the lucky winner is something for our kids...
* so schweeettt*


Its a Winnie the Pooh sling the stationeries set..

Tak yah tunggu lagik..
Sila zuppp ke blog mama Airin...
Due date is before...15th June 2012..
Hurryyyyy upppp everyone!!!!!



Hanis MY said...

good luck nadia!

Unknown said...

TQ Nadia for the entry! cute!

mommyNadia said...

Join taw!!

My pleasure!!

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