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Friso Growing Up Together Days..

Kids are so synonymous with high curiosity. Therefore through exploring on new things, it helps in nurturing children development and encourages children’s passion. Same goes to my kids, especially at Adam’s age, he spend most of his day time with playing. *Pergi school pun main aje* But I do believe, playing is right medium for the kids to explore and learn which encouraged them to grow up well. Indeed as parents we should monitor that they are playing safely in a healthy environment. I love quote by Kizsports & Gym, when they provides program on how to learn to play and play while learning. But at the end, it contribute to my fave quote, play + learn = fun fun fun!! *while singing like Barney*

Being a working mommy, in this era specially, make me realized that I should find the quality time to spend with my kids. Thus, me and Mr Hubby are trying the best from us to ensure we do something that all of us would enjoy together. Playing around with the growing up kids seriously is an enjoyable thing to do. Especially on weekdays, where the night time is too short for us, with the daily routines need to be done, we will try our best to spend at least reading book together or do some coloring before the bed time. And come to the weekend time, we try our best to ensure there are activities to do together. By spending time with the children, it provides them opportunity to learn and to be heard.

Our weekend activity at Kizsport & Gym to build up self-confident and improve their fitness.

Sometimes we encourage him to do some art and craft activity too..

I love to expose my kids with nature. Or giving them chance to explore themselves. As you know, Adam is addicted with train during his early years *many kids love trains jugak kan!!*, thus we gave him chance to ride on train when he was 2. Yes, he was so happy for that chance and keep on asking for next ride. *Nanti Ryan besar sket, mesti mintak naik jugak*
Train session..

Adam loves pet too *kontra betul dengan mommy dia* .One of most fave activity is fish feeding. And we brought him to Aquaria once, and still remember how happy he was. Yes, bringing the little ones closer to nature is the right thing to teach him how he should appreciate our nature. 

"Fish eat!!"

During visit to Aquaria KL..

With Mr Rabbit ..
*Rabbit lari takut kat Adam*

His 1st time flying kite..

"Fuyoo..besar bubble"

Browsing on internet recently, I stumbled upon Facebook page of Growing Up Together, the place sharing all information about rising the children in the modern parenting styles. I would say, it’s a good page to enhance our knowledge in developing our kids’ attitude and behavior. Growing Up Together (GUT) is a concept brought on by Friso whereby the key points of the sharing page is to lighten the journey of motherhood, sharing the joy of growing up together with our children and believes that experience is the children’s best teacher.

Click here and not to forget to “Like” this page yow!!

On the other hand, Friso is fully support on the concept of modern and progressive mum who is inspired by the modern-style motherhood and believed in playing and learning is the active part in growing up process. Who is the modern and progressive mum?? Most of the mommies who live in this modern era with a well-balanced life between family and career can be considered as a modern and progressive mum. She makes her right choice with the good research, high sense of individuality, authenticity and honesty. Modern and progressive mums are not only rely on what people say and just be follower without thinking of pro and cons, very dependent to people’s around her and very conservative from the traditional parenting * like being a tiger mother roarr*. Instead, the modern and progressive mum wants to indulge and grow their kids in a holistic way so that the kids are well-equipped physically, mentally and emotionally.This includes choosing the right nutrition to ensure that our children are healthy and ready to venture and discover something new out there. As parents, knowing that our kids are well-fit mentally and physically is something wonderful as that is the essential part in colorful journey of growing and developing together.

Speaking of which, *if you are aware on the advertisement on top of my blog >.<*, Friso is organizing Growing Up Together Days which will be happened  starting from 22nd Feb until April 2012.*Woweee I love children events* These activities show on how serious they want to promote Friso’s belief in the journey of motherhood and growing up together with our children and those experiences become the child’s best teacher.

Start checking your schedule mommies!!!
There will be loads of fun activities waiting for your kids and the best part this GUT Day will provide platform for parents and kids to explore new and exciting things together. Yeha!!
Check it out here!!
Can’t wait to bring Adam & Adryan here too..

Some of the activities waiting are:
Interactive Tunnel –Jump into virtual world! Where mums and dads are supposed to team up with their little ones to play the interactive games projected to the walls and floor of the tunnel.
Craft Stations - Parents and children are able to get their hands dirty at the craft stations where they can customize their very own T-shirts, badges and hanging mobiles or create their own toys whilst having fun together. *interesting*
Free Gifts – Bring the tin foil or barcode from one of Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4 pack to redeem a little gift for your little one. Free gifts also can be redeemed with Friso invitation card. *Still waiting Mr Postmen to send the invitation card macam invitation Friso pool party dulu wink >.<*

Being a typical mommy who has everything well-planned out for her kids *ehem ehem*, I have already got eyes on the Friso Gold product, a growing up milk for Ryan once he done with his 2 years breastfeeding.*Takut jadik macam Adam kes, terkapai-kapai nak carik suitable growing up milk*

Friso Gold is specially formulated with Frisoshield P2 Dual System, and has the important nutrient combination of 2 Prebiotics and 2 Probiotics (healthy live bacteria) which protect the children to be tough inside so they are free to discover the world. A study has revealed that children who received Synbiotics, a combination of Prebiotics and Probiotics showed lower frequency of diarrhoea and allergy which most highly affected among the small kids *minta dijauhkan*. While Prebiotics help to increase intestinal bifidobacteria and maintain good intestinal environment to fight off bacteria and germs. Healthy live bacteria may help in reducing diarrhoea cases as well. Besides the good live bacteria, Friso Gold also contains DHA, AA3 and SA, which speed up information relay between brain cells, which aid a growing child’s overall development. Even tough we are confident that our kids have received well enough nutrients from breastfeeding, but they still need to be feed with growing up milk soon. So that they will be shielded from the bad germs and bacteria that can cause illness.

Frisoshield P2 Dual System protection..

Hang on!!Do check out the YouTube video down here. It’s a new brilliant Talking Newspaper which just had a fresh launching today by News Straits Times. And Friso Growing Up Together (GUT) Days event also had their big bang launching on this innovative and fun platform, seriously it a genius collaboration guys. Walla!!

So mommies,*not to forget daddy who read this!!* let’s mark our calendar on that date and take time off to explore the beautiful journey with the little ones. If you see from the event schedule, they also have road tour to Johor and Penang too. Ha’ah, get your children ready as well as their well-fit parents *haha of course mommy Adam also tough from inside and outside what >.<* to explore these fun activities. See you there!


Nadine said...

Waaaa, ini you kata simple you. Should see mine which is only half of your entry..ehehe. confirm bnyk benda kena tukar/add :P

anyway, can't wait to bring my children to the event :)

mommynadia said...

Cant wait to see ur. Sure mantops!!

Yeap, me too!!

Mek Rose said...

takde bakat nak karang2 camni..eheheh in english..lagila fail..ehehhe

gud luck nad..

btw..teringin jugak bawak rafiq ke kids sport camni..biar dia lebih berani..skang ni aduhai sgt2 penakut tau. byk benda dia takut..risau jadinya errrmmm

mommynadia said...

alah malu, weee..
Seriously mmg main taram je..
bukan panda sgt pun, wrong grammar spelling belambak tu..buat de aje..
tq Rose!!

yup, kena ajak Rafiq g main, bila dia slalu panjat2 n mingle with kids situ, InsyaAllah boleh build self esteem dia..try!!

Hanis MY said...

wahh hebat la nadia ni.mmg tabik spring…

mommynadia said...

Hanis, biar betul..apa yg hebat ni??karangan budak sekolah ren..malu gile okey ;)
Apapun tq ;)

Jobless Girl said...

So cute.

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