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Baby food preparation when travelling with baby..

I've been planning to write this entry about a month ago, glad that I found the pictures were already in the picture folder. Just to share some simple tips and ideas for those mommies who planning for travelling yet to maintain enough stock of baby home made food. This is my first time too. I never had chance to travel during Adam time except going back to my hometown, which I nearly bring all those stock of foods for a week, or I just go back empty handed and cook at my parents' house. Both options are ok for me. These experiences I had during my Awana Kijal trip which took about 3-4 hours driving while Langkawi trip by air which took almost 5-6 hours journey to reach our check in place. 

The longest trip that I had was 4 days and 3 nights trip. Normally Ryan took 3 times meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. And breastfeeding in between. Owh btw, I did not bring any ebm stocks as I was direct feeding him for most of the trips we went. So I have save some space for ebm and milk bottle weeee ;) I tried to prepare food which suitable to be take for breakfast and dinner. So I can save up some space there too. With many activities around, it easy to feed with minimal variant of foods, aight!. Lunch as usual, I prepared frozen fish/chicken porridge, kept in the suitable jars. 

The instant baby oat and multi grain meal for breakfast or dinner..
Grain meal which consist of several types of rice, enough to make the baby full and happy..hehehe...

Frozen fruits to be take with oat or grain meals..
Since sometimes I fed him between meals, so for the trips, I've combined pumpkins to apple and apricot puree...*kenyanglah sket kan* You may also replace the pumpkins with sweet potatoes as well!

Transfer to the big containers..aka tupperware..
During trip to Awana Kijal, I don't really mind about the space since I was travelling by car..
As far as everything is there, I'm ok for that..

But during my Langkawi trip, I have to minmize the luggage..
So, I only brought few important things and minimized the packing as much as I can..

8 oz Avent containers for the grain meals, Thermos for the heat up porridge, Avent milk powder dispenser for the baby oat. Sipping cup and Allenhand thermal bag to put the heat up fruits puree during outing.

Avent milk powder dispenser for 3 portions of instant baby oat..

For Langkawi trip, I replaced the big container with ebm storage bag to keep the frozen fruit purees..
And the frozen porridge in the Avent via cup.

You might ask for how long the frozen purees and porridge can long last, rite?Yup, besides the proper packing, the frozen purees and porridge were placed in the cooler bag with small ice pack too. So, I don't  have problem during travelling to Terengganu. The cubes still maintain the good shapes and the porridge still froze well. So when I reached hotel, immediately transferred to the minibar, with some of the jars in the normal rack while those to be consume on the following days were placed in the freezer. This is so important, to ensure the re-heat process become shorter and more easier. 

For Langkawi trip, since we have packing everything so early to catch the flight, reached the airport straight away had dinner, we reached the homestay around 10pm. Everything still in good condition since the cooler bag still cool inside, only the fruit purees started to melt. Its ok, in fact its easier for me to re-heat the next day =) At first I was a little bit worried too, if the immigration not allow to bring the ice pack and all the baby foods stuff. Syukur, they don't even bother. You can read here to get info when flying with babies.

During most of the stay, except the stay at homestay (in Langkawi), I have kitchen to re-heat on the stove with boiling water *the good things about homestay actually*, so most of the time I re-heat the foods with normal steps, boiled up the water, thawed in the bowl for several times until the foods are warmed enough and transferred in the thermos  and thermal bag for outing. *ada cara tak bagus, I put the container in the boiling heater, hahahaha, sungguh kejam, tapi cepat!* 

Well, I think I have wrote most of the experiences I had, will keep it update if I find out any items that I miss. Btw, you are welcome to share your brilliant ideas that u might used during your travelling, InsyaAllah we can get benefit from that too. This is a good article about homemade baby food and travelling can be used as reference for mommies out there!Check it outtt!!! 

Last but not least, baby kenyang = happy..travelling pun tenang, betul tak?? =)

"Betul mommy!!"  


Yee Ling said...

Great tips!

Nadine said...

Masa I travel with Faaz ke Langkawi dulu (he was 11 months old), I bawak organic oats yg dah siap grinded, honey and raisins.

Pastu I bawak jugak mini manual food grinder, murah je beli kat giant RM15..size pun kecik muat masuk handbag. Since Pantai Cenang berderet kedai buah, I beli fresh fruits everyday and mashed and combined with oats n honey tu atau with yogurt beli kt kedai. :)

Tp sbb dah 11 months, I worried jugakla faaz tak kenyang sgt sbb tak dpt protein. so kalau pegi breakfast i order telur rebus. sehari bagi faaz makan 2 biji.. :)

Dgn twins haritu masa pegi penang pun I did the same since they r not yet starting protein diet at that time.. :)

mommyNadia said...

Yee Ling,

mommyNadia said...

Oat organic yg I bawak pun yg dah grinded jugak. Senang. betul lah, next time boleh prepare honey and raisin.Selalu masukkan raisin dalam bubur je..
Ryan just started on egg. Now, he loves egg so much, same like his big bro..yelah, kalau travel nanti tak payah susahkan, bagi makan telur dulu buat alas perut..hehehe
dahlah Ryan ni pantang orang makan, dia pun nak makan jugak..compared to Adam, Ryan ni nadia tak control sgt makan dia.

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