Friday, February 10, 2012

Our 2D1N CNY Getaway at Maya Hotel, KL..

Since we have family gathering on CNY eve at hubby's aunty's house, we need to cancel plan to go back to Terengganu on that 1st long holidays. *last week dah balik Terengganu, seronok walau penat!!* Nak jalan ke utara or selatan at first, last sekali cancel plan sb takut jammed. But we need to go somewhere or else, susah lagik nak jumpa cuti panjang in next March till errr I guess cuti raya lah kut yang paling lama nanti. *kes sayang cuti*

Gong Xi Gong Xi...

Plan has been set 2 weeks before holidays, and on the CNY day, we make move to our destination for short getaway..

Opposite Zouk and Saloma Bistro and 8 min walk to KLCC..
15-20 min from our house using a federal highway minus jammed!
*Jakun benor tak pernah pergi bercuti KL ke?? Yes I am >.<*

But if you one of my loyal reader, u all mesti tahu kan, trend bercuti mommynadia n family. A very short distance getaway. Sebab I tak bnyk cuti and last year sebbok duk production baby Ryan. But I love short getaway, at least boleh tenangkan jiwa dan minda, example staying at very comfortable ambiance hotel. Pehhh! Ye lah, kalau nak tunggu company I hantar I pergi training hotel 4 - 5 stars, sampai resign pun tak akan!! So pandai2 le..

Check in at 2 pm sharp, wish I could make it earlier..

Complimentary drink..
Lemon n calamansi...

Now I know why they named the hotel as Maya...
Because of their unique design..memang pelik.
Style coridor pun macam2 ala rumah flat ..

The moment we stepped in to our room, I felt so relieved. At least not much different with the picture I googled before. The view from the room was nice, full view of KLCC.
And we cannot wait to start our vacation in hotel. Sounds weird.hikhikhik.

Lets make a room tour..

Comfortable bed with super duper comfy pillow..
Mak aii kalau dapat bantal cam gni kat rumah, mahu susah nak bangun tido...
and baby cot for lil Ryan..tilam pun empuk k ;)

Unique desk..

The most thing that me n Mr Hubby love love love..
Coffee maker with free flow coffee..
Minum sampai tak boley tido..

And the jacuzzi..
*see through one I tell u!!*
And the lovely toiletteries kits from their hotel spa..

Dah dah mommy, jom kita pegi mandi!!!


"Mommy, Adam nak tengok KLCC dulu ni..."
Amboiii!!! ;)

Basicly, our activity during this short getaway just only inside the hotel. *Dinner je kami pergi KLCC* The rest, we were fully utilized all the facilities plus the empuk tilam yg memang dah lelap tak boleh bangun punye!!

One of the best attraction is their hydrotherapy pool..
"The indoor pool which comfortably heated to body temprature to assist in improving ones blood circulation, and has therapeutic water massage jets to relax and calm different parts of the body. "

As long as it suitable for the kids, enuff said..
Good enuff, sb tak sejuk..suam2 gitew..
Ryan mandi tak nak naik okey!!

Open air swimming pool at level 3..

Siap ada bubble2 lagi..
I pun sempat buat few laps..
Lepas gian nak swimming...

Ni kes dah abis swimming..

While waiting for Maghrib prayers to get ready for dinner, hubby got their One-Call-Centre to get DVD rental. Banyak jugak lah movie listed in their DVD Menu for Rental. After a quick dinner at KLCC, we immediately ran back to hotel for Sky Lounge session at Level 13.

And they have free flow coffee/ tea with some cakes/biscuits..

Yum yum!!!

With the nice and cool view of KLCC

and KL Tower..

Next morning, breakfast was served at Maya Brasserie. Its a really great wake up. Even not much foods served compared to other 5stars hotel, but is more than enough for us to have big breakfast.

*kalau Adam dah makan bnyk tu, agak2 mak ayah dia macamane >.<*

Its ok Bie, breakfast like a king right..
Enjoy our breakfast near the small fountain..

Adam still request to go to swimming pool, biasalah budak2 kan..While waiting the food to digest, we make tour to the whole hotel area..

Unique stairs from reception area to ground level..

Rest area near the restaurants..

Their sweet lounge for sweet couple like us...>.<

Hey mommy!! Our amatur photographer..
Ryan was sleeping safe n soundly from the moment we had our bfast till the time we make hotel tour..

Nice view..

Kemudian, jalan2 kat luar hotel..
Amik udara pagi...

Welcome to Hotel Maya..

Immediately after that, dengan Adam yg duk bising nak swimming..we straight away make our move to pool again..
This time much more comfortable sb tak ramai orang..
While waiting for Abang Adam mandi, Ryan plak bersantai di tepi kolam..

Selain swimming pool kat level 3, gym and spa pun ada..
The spa smell from Anggun Spa is so relaxing n wangiiiii..
Adoiii memanggil-manggil daku yang duk bersantai tepi kolam ni..
dah berapa kali pergi jengah bilik spa...

Hasilnye dapat juga merasa ber"spa" kat 5-star hotel..
Seronok gila..
Thanks to hubby for the permission and willing to take care the 2 boys while mommy enjoying spa time..
I took Balinese massage, the most fastest and cheapest session they had..
Plus 30% discount, its worth..
Therapist and their service is 1st class..really enjoy it!!
*spa allocation for 1st n 2nd quarter done*

Anyone intrested to get spa theraphy at Hotel Maya Anggun Spa, do contact me..
I got 30% discount voucher for the 1st reader who msg me..

Instead of check out at 12pm, we extended our check out at 2pm.
They gave extra time since I booked session at their spa..
"Hish, mommy ni dah spa lupa kat kami ;)"

So Ryan, how do you rate this time getaway???

"Great one mommy"

Yes, we knew it!!
The boys plus mommy n papa pun enjoy sgt!!

"Papa, kami nak jalan-jalan lagik"



Anonymous said...

interested ar, berapa price ye for your stay ? cantik..- rina

Unknown said...

interested dgn spa voucher tu...uuu, nak spa gateaway gak mommy nadia pls pls pls

Unknown said...

hey ryan!tembam sungguh pipi ye.tgu la nanti dpt jumpa,bley gigit pipi dia!

Arya Stark said...

hehe... senyum lebar2 after reading ur post.. u know what, i went to maya during our 1st wedding anniversary and kat maya lah i found out i pregnant with zabi aydan... sweet sweet memories hehehe

mommynadia said...

Hi Rina,
Ada bnyk pakej offered. The price vary from 380 - 750 per nite. Check out details to get best price ;)

mommynadia said...

boleh ur address dekat
Nanti I post the voucher k :)

mommynadia said...

ala this week Airin takde.Tak sabar playdate nanti ;)
happy hol dear!!

mommynadia said...

wowee memang sweet kalau macam tu..
I pun dah put inside my list nk pergi MO jgak..tapi ntah bile ;)

ummi_ziz said...

Bestnya hotel tu! Dkt pon tk pe jnj dpt berehat kn..lg best dpt pg spa lg! Hehe i ni bilalah nk pg spa, sejak bsalinkn zafri blom urut2 lg bdn huhu sedih

Nway comey sgt bdk bam2 tu..geram!

mommynadia said...

hehehe,at first wonder plak sape ummi ziz ni..rupenye ummi zafri ;)
yelah Izu, nak jalan jauh kena plan in advance gitew. bnyk nk kena pike.tak termasuk nak jalan2 owesee, 2 years ahead.wuahahah.itu yg tak kuar2 lagik.main jalan2 dalam malaysia aje.;)

p!nkerton said...

so nice!! i pun prefer 'holiday' mcm ni, takyah travel jauh2 :D ok masuk dalam must-go-list, tapi nak tunggu Firas boleh jalan dulu hehe.. hey Ryan, KENAPA KAMU COMELLLLL SGTTT??? hahaha seriouss gerammm betul tgk si gebu tu :D

Yee Ling said...

Syioknya...especially love the night view. Very nice!

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