Monday, February 13, 2012

Kindy Hunting Mode

Part 1 : Survey and list up!!

Macam susah benor nak carik tadika ek. Since last year, duk nak carik pre-school yg sesuai, alih2 Adam still dekat current nursery, enrolled for 4yo kindy. So this year, I need to start early. At least once dah pre-book, time open day nanti (around Nov to Dec), just bawak Adam je, amik mood. Sekarang ni nak carik kindy yg bagus tak susah. Banyak sgt, from montessori to islamic montessori, most of the normal preschools/kindergartens pun mesti pakai method yg sesuai.*sedia duit tebaii je dalam poket kan *But for me, I have many factors that need to be considered before decide to enroll Adam for his 5years old pre-school. 

1. Within our daily route..
The most important thing when surveying the kindy is, it shud be in our daily route to office. Pergi balik keje masuk hway, manenye nak jumpa tadika. So far, there are few areas which have been listed. Those area yg tak stuck jammed tho we need to make u-turn after sending Adam. Ntah2, after this we are no longer used our daily route anymore. huhuhuhu. Area yg memang terkenal dengan tahap jammed yg serius harus dipangkah awal2. So nanti, after shortlisted possible kindy, harus kena testing pagi2 tengok tahap jam and set time nk kuar rumah. Kalau tak, harus keje start 8.30am hari2!!Few areas such Batu3 housing area, Pinggiran Subang, Seksyen 23, USJ 3, USJ 12 and paling jauh SS17 or Putra Heights.

2. Kindy + daycare.. 
Earlier surveys , some of the kindy/preschools will only provide class untill 12.30 - 1 pm. Meaning that, after school, me or Mr Hubby need to fetch him from kinddy to his nursery. Or else we need to get transportation for his transit.  Which both of the ideas are not convenience for us. Hubby is totally against the kindy transportation  idea *macam kelakar Adam naik bus sekolah* and to fetch him after school is something totally impossible. So, we need to find kinddy with daycare. And most of them with hi fees. *Lap peloh*

3. Islamic montessori..
Yes, I prefer islamic montessori. So far module under islamic montessori are very convincing. Besides of normal montessori curiculum, they also include Islamic studies as basics to the kids. For me, it is really important to expose the kids at early of their age. Nanti boleh tamat muqaddam before darjah 1 mcm mommy dia >.<, tp budak sekarang pakai Iqra' lagik cepat kan.InsyaAllah.

4. Fee structure..
The most important!!K-Ching$$$
If government has started to give some money to support parents to start school, they need to consider for parents who start to send  the kids to kindy too.Seriously!!Many of kindy surveyed, registration fees nak smp RM1k tak termasuk monthly fees lagik. Amboooiii!!!Regardless normal kindy at rumah teres dalam batu3 sekali pun, with less props used, claimed of using islamic method, they registration fees pun mesti RM1k jugak. omoomomomo!!!Haruslah start menabung dr sekarang, masuk ASB, hujung tahun boleh dpt dividen nak byr tadika anak. Saddis!!;(

Apapun, surveying from website is not enough. They can claim using wat-so-ever method, site visit is very important. Tengok sendiri in actual. Mingle around with teachers. And once dah puas hati baru boleh enroll. Few of pre-school/kindergarten *wat-so-ever they called* now inside my list are:

Most in the heart so far, but...many factors need to consider back..

Really need a site USJ 12

The most easy to get kindy with TLC prog!!

Not so islamic pulak...

Second choice so far, but still need to consider few factors...

The most expensive so far, belum abis study lagi..cannot comment yet!!

So mommies, anyone got experiences sending and surveying kindy for their kids, please share with me. Ada few more factor need to be considered maybe. Or anyone within my areas, boleh suggest tadika yang boleh dilawati. You're most welcome. InsyaAllah, will make review for each kindy yang akan dilawati nanti. Plus, check out this informative link for pre-school in Malaysia!!

With this, I'm officially on kindy hunting mode. yeha!!!

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