Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weaning at 10 months..

Sangat excited lately ni nak update entry about project homemade baby food.. Sekarang ni kawan di alam maya, banyak upload story pasal weaning. 1001 recipes for home made baby food. So boleh lah ambil idea improve mana yang patut. Tukang masak berjaya macam I ni *wink wink*, pening jugak nak mix and match makanan si Ryan ni. 

Alhamdulillah, early of February, Adryan dah masuk 10 months. And it just suitable time to introduce him for fish!!I prefer to give him salmon. Same like her big brother dulu. Bukan ape, ikan lain yang white meat tu, kadang bau hanyir susah nak hilang. Lagipun, selain hi in protein n Omega3, salmon ni buat bubur jadik naturally sweet. *Padahal mak dia yang suka salmon, tiba2 ter'display ' gambar salmon IKEA and Manhanttan Fish depan mata. Haishhh!!* And during his 9 months, I've introduced Ryan with quinoa too. So far, Adryan ni memang lepas all that 4 days rule. Lagipun quinoa ni macam rice je. Takdelah nak allergy sgt. Salmon pun lepas aje si budak tembam tu.

The Oragnic Quinoa.

Sebelum masak..

Macam masak nasi..taraa... jugak dimakan..
*tapi Ryan still kena blend dulu*

My new fave spot to shop for groceries now is Jaya Grocers at Empire. *Mostly beli stuff nak buat homemade food pun* After abis class Adam kat Kizsport, alang2 teruslah beli kat sana.Lama2 terus jatuh cinta. They have many choice of  imported fruits like avocados *murah dr CS*, peach, plum, strawberries  as well as locals too. Plus veggies and salmon fillet yang fresh. Price memang reasonable. Dulu, I prefer to shop at Jusco, tapi lately bila pergi ada je yang takde. Boring. Same goes to Giant and Tesco, lagilah. Nak kena round 2,3 tempat baru complete. Cold Storage pun lately ni asyik takde je specially kat Sbg Parade. Sometimes, I received visitors who googled for my blog looking for dried dates and longan. Readers, Jaya Grocers is the right place for you to find for dried stuff. Memang best. Dia dah packing2 siap semuanye. So girls, sila berkunjung ke Jaya Grocers sekarang *free ads >.<*

Ok, back to Ryan's homemade food at 10 months.

For his breakfast..

Fruits purees + organic oat

Frozen fruit purées, morning mix up with oat for his bekal to nursery..

Lunch time..

Its a salmon porridge..
Basicly, its a complete meals of salmon (protein) + veg (brocolli, zuchinni, celery or bayam) + dried fuits (date, cranberries, raisin or apricot)  + organics porridge

 Steam all those above ingredients for  15 - 20 min..and blend to suitable texture (follow ur children's age)
For Ryan, I still blend it to fine texture..

And mix with the blended porridge ..

And freeze for 1 week stock..

And for his dinner meals..

Quinoa (as above picture) + fruits/veg purées (normally its pumpkin or carrot or few types of fruits) + prune

*Nak kena beli storage kecik sket, makan space!!*

Now, I need to spare some finger foods for him..
Especially during steaming food for his dinner or makan kat luar, kalau tak menjerit lah dia tak bagi makan..

Must be organic or sugar free and not a junk food..
Lately prefer to give him finger fruits..

Last time, used to be a place for frozen ebm, but now..

Yes, he is a happy eater!!


Mek Rose said...

nad..nnti aishah dah start mkn sy refer sini eh..eheheh

blender tu as steamer oso ke? 2 in 1 ka?

::Ida:: said...

cantek la quinoa tu bila masak. i never came across this before. boleh nak try! hehe..

Frielle said...

Thanks for the tips Nadia. The salmon u put in steamer is raw kan? jst steam cukup masak ke?
Also can you share what other blogs to refer to for recipes for weaning 9-10mth bb besides the wholesomebabyfood blog? TQ!

mommynadia said...

boleh..tapi Rose, nadia bnyk recipe hentam saje lah labu nye hehehe ;)

yeap 2 in 1 steamer n blender...sgt mudah rose!!

mommynadia said...

yeap,shud try, but a lil bit lumpier compared to millet.

I shud change to cube storage too lah. Dah start survey. Prefer yg cube boleh asing2..Easy for steaming purpose.

mommynadia said...

My first trial dulu, was-was jugak, so after 1st time steam, I check n taste first, ensure betul2 masak. The best steam at 20min..
But if you are not confident, boleh masak sekali time masak bubur.Last time I used to cook like that too. Knowing that steaming can preserved alot of nutrients, so I decided to steam all the fish and veg. Even Avent also encourage to steam salmon from their recipe booklet.

To be frank, recipe kat atas I suka taram je u. Cuma those my blogger friends yang tgh excited in baby homemade food now, I used their ideas to improvise my recipe. U can find them at my blog rolls. Many of them.Btw, u can gv a look to Annabel Karmel too..;)

Blog Diva said...

olololo...kekoh pipi tu kei...gerey weh budok bolat ni...

*yay! entry psl weaning food...suka!suka!suka!

mama ct said...

nad....wah2...seronok tengok bany food ryan...nak ambik idea nad lah utk macam2 gaya rsepi...mlm ni nk cari quinoa.....hahaha...couscous....macam2 idea dah ni....thanks for tge entry darl :-)

ummi_ziz said...

Eei happy ye ryan! Bley geng la dgn zafri, sgt kuat mkn! :)
Tq for sharing! Quinio tu dh 2 org share tp kt sini tk jmp..couscous byk la! :D

mommynadia said...

Blog Dive Teh ;)
kekoh tangan ngan kaki best lagi..tempat pegumpulan lemak separa tepu..wee!!

Tukang masuk mcm mek lagi hebat weh..sila update entry masak2 makanan zaraa yer pn blog diva ;)

mommynadia said...

My pleasure..
u too update bila buat meal sith cous cous.
nak perabihkan quinoa dulu..

mommynadia said...

adoii tadi orang nursery Ryan baru ckp kata meals nadia bekal tak cukup.
Mak aiii..bnyk manelah nak kena bekal Ryan hoiii...

Dulu Gadis, Kini Mama said...

good,good! boleh amik resepi utk syaurah bile start solid food nnt!hehe

Mummy Mel said...

Hi Nadia - thanks for this fantastic tip. I also recently introduced salmon to my lil tike. When I steam the salmon, my whole hse smell of fact, my hands n utensils also stank of fish. Did u experience that? I bought fresh cut salmon but didnt expect it to be this fishy ;-\ When feeding lil tike, he made a funny face mcm tak brp suke the smell.

mommynadia said...

Hi mommy Mel,
thx for visiting my blog ;)
Sorry for take time to reply..

Actually,I tak perasan plak with that fishy smell..maybe sb dah terbiasa bau sgt kut. So this morning when I make porridge for my baby, I try to recall ur comment. What I did, normally salmon tu,before I steam, I rendam dulu sedikit garam, petua org tua katanye boleh hilang hanyir.

Since I'm using the steamer Avent, bau only kat situ lah, but so far tak de melekat sgt.

Alhamdulillah, my baby ok je with salmon porridge. Maybe sb portion I masukkan tak bnyk sgt, so that rase fishy tu kurang. just 1/5 portion of rice and veg.

But to be truth, I love that salmon smell. Itu sb I tak kisah sgt kut bau dia..;)

Anonymous said...

hi.just started reading yr blog.kat mana u beli organic finger food tu ye?mmg tgh mcari2 finger food for my 8mo baby.-ita-

Anonymous said...

hi.just started reading yr blog.kat mana u beli organic finger food tu ye?mmg tgh mcari2 finger food for my 8mo baby.-ita-

mommynadia said...

Hi, thx for visiting here..
I beli finger foods to dekat cold storage..Cold storage ada bnyk baby food and organic baby food too..
not mistaken kat organic store pun bnyk baby finger foods..
happy searching dear ;)

Anonymous said...

tq for yr kind reply dear!:) -ita—

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