Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WW: Counting days for..

The Barney's Space Adventures Show!!

"Adam want to see Barney or not??"
"No mommy, Barney rosak!!"
*pointing to his cd yg memang rosak sb duk ulang banyak2 kali dulu!!*

Cant wait to see Adam's reaction when he see Barney's alive..

I love u..
U love me..
We are happy family..
With the great big hug and kiss for me to u..
Won't u say u love too..

*sape yg eksited sebenarnye ni, cuba cakap!!*

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SaRaH SaLiHaH said...

alahaii..bestnye Adamm..
mama nak bwk g tgk barney!!

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