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The Goodness of Fruits and Veggies for Growing Up Kids..

I was blessed that I’ve been given chance to fully breastfed my eldest son, Adam Mikael with the most perfectly design food on earth, the breast milk. Adam was exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months and continued up until 2 years old and 9 mos.

My successful breastfeeding product!

Being a parent, I believed all the parents would be very demanding specially in choosing foods for our little kids as we know the importance of a healthy balanced diet will provide the kids with all vitamins and nutrients that they need to support growth and development. Fruits and vegetables are from the group which is very critical in our kids’ daily intake as this promoting towards good health and protect from the bad diseases. In fact, fruits and veggies should be the foundation of a healthy diet.

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Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, green beans and leafy as well as most types of fruits are all low in calories and high in fiber, vitamins and minerals which is very good for the children’s health and helps to avoid constipations among them. Healthy children’s physically will enhance to the excellent in brain development at early stage of the children growth. Thus, we need to ensure to introduce the best foods for the kids as early as their weaning stage and avoid all the junk foods in their daily routine meals.

Introducing solids is the most enjoyable stage for all mommies when we are given an official green light to feed our little ones. During Adam weaning stage *as well as Adryan*, I chose to feed them with cooked purees or well-mashed fruits and veggies and gradually changed to bubur at 9 - 10 months. I tried as much to ensure he took a balanced diet suitable for him at that time. I was so happy when he enjoyed all the foods I served. *siap tak cukup, sebab mommy catu takut overweight :’(* Every time I cooked bubur especially, I will tried to mix and match various types of fruits and veggies in his diets as well as the other groups of carbo and proteins, and giving chance for him to explore various of taste. *Dah kata kecik lagikan, semua mommy bagi telan aje* I tried my best to avoid processed foods for my kids especially at his early weaning stage, thus I was being busy with routine to cook their meals on weekend. Here are some for my entries during Adam’s weaning stage:

1st weaning food: Fruits purees contain of strawberries, plum, apricot and apple.
 Porridge for Adam contains of various vegetables..

Creamy pasta with veggies..

The 2 boys enjoy eating fruits!!

Adam is already 3 years old and I’m happy that he still enjoys having healthy foods.*Seriously, Adam tak pandai makan sweets and cekedis pun* I have no problem to give him any types of fruits and shopping for fruits were something enjoyable things to do as he will helps me to choose the fruits he wants. And he still a big fan of banana and strawberries too!*Jangan buat lupa lock fridge tu, licin karang dia sapu* What make me worried now is when he started to refuse some of the veggies specially all the green leafy one. Every time we fed him, he will try to sort out all the unwanted veggies. *Dah siap sembunyi celah2 pun dia boleh find out!!* He just eats whatever he wants and most only his favourites.
Adam helping me to choose the good pears..

Besides his daily food intake, Adam enjoyed fresh and UHT milk more than formula milk. The cost for his monthly fresh & UHT milk are very expensive *weekly shopping milk macam nak bukak kedai runcit woo!!* and what make me more worried he will not getting as much nutrients for his development mentally and physically. Seriously, I was buntu! I have once stood in front of 2 meter racks of formula milks at Speedmart99 looking for the good milk for my son, end up I walked from the shop with empty handed. They were so many choices. I have no idea what should I focus in order to get the best milk for him. Me and Mr Hubby also started to get few samples and bought of small packs for trial, end up with “Mommy, no no.. Adam tak nak this milk”. Pointing to his UHT milk from the fridge. Grrrrrrr!!!!

The searching will soon come to the end. My last visit to the nearest hypermarket has lead me to the rack where I found a new range of formulated milk from Dumex  Dugro which contain what I wanted the most and I’m very happy to give a try.
New launching of Dumex Dugro Fruit & Veg...

Dumex Dugro Fruit & Veg at the market..

The Dugro Fruit & Veg milk formula offers growing-up children with balanced nutrition for their healthy development. The formula contains all the basics groups such carbohydrates, high iron and high proteins food, dairies product, vitamins and minerals as well as natural sources of dietary fibre, fruits and veggies. The 13 fruit and vegetable extracts used are Pear, Apple, Plum, Carrot, Apricot, Peach, Banana, Passion fruit, Lemon, Orange, Melon, Strawberry, and Spinach. Seriously, I never heard of any formula milk which contains of such amount fruits and vegetables extracts. Quite surprising right?

Fruits and vegetables promote good bowel movements to support a healthy digestive system and happy tummies...
Say goodbye to constipations!

Besides of the good nutrients from 13 extracts fruits and vegetables, the product also contains of two times dietary fiber of IcFOS compared with the other Dugro formulations to support a good digestive system. This innovative product also formulated with high DHA, SA and Taurine which all are the important components in the brain as well the Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the essential fatty acid in the brain and nerve tissue. Of course, the essential nutrients of vitamins A,B,C,D,E, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium are also provided inside this formula. And most of the checking point is, the product is free from the sucrose.

300g and 900g for 3-8 years as well as 1-2 years too...
*owh Dumil mama pun ada*

Wonder how Adam will react with this time choice??

Syukur!!Finally Adam accepted formula milk. We still can’t believed that Adam will drink that full glass of milk within a minute.*Time beli pun Mr Hubby still like 50-50 whether Adam nak minum ke tak!!* So mommy gave a try too, just to confirm the different taste of this milk from others. Mmmmm.. No wonder lah..It tastes like the fruity yogurts!!!And Adam is a big fan of yogurts!! Great!!I’m pretty happy with this choice and hoping Adam will get as much nutrients from the goodness of fruits and veggies as well as other good nutrients inside. *His caregiver pun surprised when Adam started to drink the milk which I brought to the nursery*

Btw, I just browsed my facebook and found a very informative page by Dumex Dugro. This page enables all the mommies to interact with the brands and share their knowledge and experiences with the others too. In fact, there will be an expert from Dumex to answer all the confusions and questions threw by the mothers. Through this page, any latest info or new product introduction from Dumex Dugro especially, will directly announce to all the fans.
 Visit here!!
*Jom LIKE ramai2!!*

The best part is, they are giving opportunity to feature our children’s image on the digital board at Jalan Bukit Bintang during the promotion of their new product. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!All we need to do is to snap a photograph of our happy Dugro kid and submit to between 7th Nov - 14th Dec 2011. The pictures will start to be displayed starting from 20th Nov to 19th Dec 2011.

Visit here!!!
  *owh bila lagik Adam nak glamer kuar skrin beso ek??*

Besides, you can get samples of this new product as well as Dumil Mama *for breastfeeding mommy pun boleh taw* at selected hypermarkets and supermarkets!! *dah siap bancuh, suruh je ur kids minum!!*

Or you may visit their facebook page or for free sample that will straight away send to your door steps!!*senang keje, I dah apply jgak, for Dumil mama ;)*

Click here!!

ps : praying they will introduce Dumil mama with fruits extract too!!*sebab mommy Adam pun liat nak minum susu!! =)*



Blog Diva said...

alahai...bestnya kalu my adam pun suka fruits n vegs.. any buah pun, he just lick aje. sekali jilat then, tak nak dah. wonder la my boy suffers from constipation!

mommynadia said...

owh ye ke ..
cuba try fm ni mane tahu boleh kurang sembelit!!
kalau Adam suka yogurts, must be more easier teh!! Adam dah fully on this fm!!*tokma tak bising lagik!!*

amaq aziz said...

waaaaah best sekali. comel sekali anak tu

ummi_ziz said...

Dear, yum2 sguh food for ur boys too! Nway, bagus la adam tk mkn manis2 n cikedis patu suka mkn buah lg no wonder kulit dia cantik! Zahin plak tk suka mkn buah tp sayur ok so far tak sembelit. Yg sng iris, sume mkn tp tu la junk food pon suka u sbb mak pak pon suka mkn huhu too bad! Btw, menarikla fm dugro yg baru nii, perisa buah ekk. Dulu zahin on dugro gak tp yg vanilla. :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Wow!! Love this entry!! Me and Oman are fruits lover!! :)

But.. the only problem with Oman now is that he's kind of allergic to see white color milk. Belum rasa lagi dah tanak. Big no! Sebab tu now dia amik susu coklat.

Agaknya kalau minum sama-sama dengan abang Adam baru dia ok kot! :)

mommynadia said...

yummy mcm yogurts taw!!! Hehehhehe
tq.btw,thx for visit fm yaw!!

mommynadia said...

pity him,tho his skin texture lembut,but he is to sensitive with mosquitoes bite.huhuhu.
So far,adam got no prob with constipation,cuma dia nk uht je tak nk fm,tu yg pening izu.
Yup,shud try,since zahin tk suka fruits,this fm contains many type of fruits.

mommynadia said...

hehe tq babe!!
The time i introduced adam with cows milk,semua yg flavor je dia nk.then i try sulam with white yg flavor tu hi sugar level kan.not so good.
Cuba u try sulam sikit,lama2 mesti oman suka jgak.
Jom minum susu ngan abg adam!!!:)

Merryn said...

Congrats on your achievenment of breast feeding Adam for so long. I dapat 3 bulan pertama jer.. :(

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