Friday, November 11, 2011

FM Preloved Sales!!!

Happy 11.11.11 day!! *masih ingat lg cikgu homeroom ku dulu bday dia 11-11-Happy Birthday Cikgu Husin!!*

Btw, nothing special for me on this date, cuma hari ni, I choose 11.11.11 on 11.11am to launch my new blog. Please welcome FM Preloved Stuff *poyo plak rase, lantok lerr!!* Blog ni I khaskan untuk letak semua preloved stuff Adam and Adryan. Ingat dulu I pernah letgo babybjorn and bedding coordinates? Good experiences, so far I got no problem with my 2 customers and started enjoying to share my preloved stuffs. Masa tak mengizinkan, but I need to clear off many things. Rumah dah makin sempit, currently I need to pack all Ryan stuffs and decided to keep only half of it. Same goes to Adam's stuff. I just find out that I'm still enjoyed buying *owh baru perasan ke??!!* instead of recycling. ^-^ So whatever that I recycled for Ryan, I dont think that I need to keep it for my future baby, or else kami duduk dalam timbunan kotak2 and plastik2 *lagipun 2-3 thn lagik dah tak up-to-date pun fashion tu!!*. Keep on buying specially toys for Adam and Ryan, playing room dah makin congested. I need to really sort out the things!! Ok enuff Nadia.

Feel free to visit my new baby *opps my new blog*, and below some of the things that I already published. Anyone intrested for preloved breastpump??Stay tune..;)

the first year sleep positioner with pad

Clarks First Shoes

mothercare soft shoes

mothercare floaters

Happy buying!!!
*special price tawwww*

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