Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Let's Plan Good Activity For Our Kids During School Holidays..

Yeay!! Just left few more days before school holidays..
I don't think Adam or even Adryan aware that there will be school holidays soon..
Yet they still have to go to school as usual..
The only thing for sure, Adam will go back and tell me, there's no one at school mommy..
Only few kids *mentioning their names* and myself!
hahaha..at least you got friends there darling...
And at least you can wake up a little bit late and no need to take shower..
You even can continue sleep at school dear..Pity my kiddos =(
No worry, mommy will plan a good activity for you during the school holidays soon, ok kids!

Back to above story, last week I received a lot of orders for baby khalifah series..
The amount same as the first orders I placed..* surprise jugak*
And most of them requested to have the series before school holidays..
Owh, ok..that's good..
The parents started to plan the activity for their kids during school holidays...
Great job mommies!! Yelah kan, rather than bagi ipad, iphone or any other i i i tu..
Let them to do somethings bermanfaat, good for kids as well..
Play and learn at one time..

Bad news is the next order will be open next week, sorry ;(
Good news is, I still have extra of few boxes from the backout buyers..
To be exact 2 boxes ONLY!

So, if you interested, let me know k..
Email me at nadya_1901@hotmail.com..

Btw, this is a good link as well to plan activities for your kids!! 

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Nadine said...

Yeah, school holiday is coming soon! If not because of my sister is a teacher herself, I wouldn't know that it's coming. Hehehe..maklumla, anak I blum masuk skolah lagi :)

A rajin n dedicated mom lik you, am sure your boys will have fun activities with their mom during school holiday. Have fun, boys!! :)

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