Friday, May 10, 2013

AD's First Sports Day..

ADam & ADryan = AD
*in case anyone wondering about the title hehe*

Its was happened about a month ago at Kompleks Sukan UPM, Serdang..
*fuyoo gila lame delay entry mak, malah ada lagi entry yg delay waaaa*
Jauh okey pagi2 nak kena menapak..
Trying our best to reach earlier, as usual on time jugak jadiknye..
Car park pun hampir full, yet we were not that late, event not yet started by time we entered the stadium...

After sent the kids at their campus's tent, with some tears drama of Adryan nak ikut mommy and papa..
We managed to hide and let him to cool down himself, with the help from the aunties..
Few of kids specially from the playhouse, were crying and throwing tantarum..
Pelik agaknye tempat tu tak pernah datang...

So, the first agenda for the BBIM Sport Day 2013 was the children parade from all the campuses..

Playhouse kids wore bunny theme..
Look at the bunny mascot, super cute and so sporting!

Preschool's theme was the wolves!! Auuuuuu....
Mommy cannot spot u Abang Adam!=(

While the lil bunny was so easy to be spotted..
Look at him, jalan sambil pegang tangan with kakak...

And the other hand was holding bread! Oh no!! Adryan Nufael la..

Everyone marched to the center of the field..
After speech and launching ceremony, with performance by the elementary school children..
All the children at the field ready for their performance..
Merangkap exercise before games lah kut..We really enjoyed the performance so much..
Managed to record, the videos, tapi tak clear sgt!

*Visit these youtube links, tak boleh upload pulak*
Ryan in the beginning seronok sakan duk joget2..
Sekali terpandang muka mommy dia duk syok amik gmbr, terus kaku!


Cute picture taken from BBIM PH's fb!
You'olls rase kan apelah Adryan cakap time expression dia macam ni. So funny lah!!Awww!

And the games started with playhouse children first...
Tell you, all the mommies and daddies were so busied that day jadik cameraman and photographer anak masing2..
Dengan sorakan semngat tak putus2..fantastic u!

DSZ pun turun padang ok!

Tunggu punya tunggu, finally Ryan's turned..
Seriously mommy was super worried!!
Takut dia malas nak buat...because some of the kids tak nak cooperate langsung..

There he is..with his fave Aunty Mas..

MasyaAllah..he did so well..
Mommy so proud of you little darling!!

Yes, dear...
U deserve that gold medal..=)
*hakikatnye semua kids dapat gold..*
Their efforts to complete the tasks were so amazing, they even deserved double gold!!

The wolves ready to rumble now..

Adam joined 2 games for 5th year games..
So proud you managed to complete the tasks, boy!
Great job..

*mommy sapelah tu menjerit2 hahahaha. Sila abaikan!*

Proud of you big bro!

With his friend, Zahin..

Lepas dah abis games, I brought him outside the stadium to enjoy cool Milo from the Milo Van..
Sgt nostalgia ok van milo ni..feveret mommy time sekolah..=)

Adam also enjoyed the Milo as well...
Ryan time ni dah tidur kepenatan..

It was a very hot and sunny day..
Yet, it was a great day. Kids were having so much fun, as well the parents!
New experiences for all of us. So priceless!
Kudos to all the BBIM staffs for the great efforts..
Can't wait for the next event soon..


Unknown said...

wahhhh happening nye n so meaningful they can join their first sports day together...mesti ingt sampai tua..

n ryan was so comel...xpuas cubit pipi dia aritu. sapa lah suruh tido pulak masa aunty nak jumpa..:)

Unknown said...

Alahai sgt cute both of them!
Nadia x g amik gambar dgn DSZ ke

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