Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Khalifah Series Contest & Giveaway by Fabulous Motherhood...

Hola girls..
As promised, there you go, the first ever giveaway and contest for baby khalifah series..
There will be few categories for the contest/giveaway..
And syarat utama nya adalah, anda mesti memiliki set baby khalifah series yg di beli daripada
mommyNadia +______+
No worry, you can join all categories provided, tapi setiap penyertaan hantar sekali je ya..
Easy peasy right..
Let see whats the categories we have here..

Category 1 : Blogger contest!
What you need to do is:
1. Upload entry about baby khalifah series. You free to write anything about the product or how do you think the product benefits your kids, with free title using Bahasa Malaysia or English *Mandarin I tak paham pls hihi* Contoh entry title " My kiddos enjoyed baby khalifah series so much!" =)
2.  Please link this review as well into your entry! Wink..
3. Submit the entry link to below comment box. Together with your details name, blog URL, and valid email.
4. Be sure you are Fabulous Motherhood follower as well k!

Category 2 : Share at Instagram and Facebook!
What you need to do is:
1. Free to upload any picture of you with little kiddos or nieces or nephews *or your kid saje pun takpe*. Pretty sure it must has baby khalifah series stuffs inside the pic. And make fabulous captions for the uploaded picture ya!
2. Use the hashtag #babykhalifahseries when upload at Instagram. Be my follower at @mommynadia81 as well. Toche =)
3. Or tag facebook baby khalifah series when u upload at you facebook timeline. And don't forget to like baby khalifah series fb, check out this link!

Yes yes, I know..
Whats the prezzie isn't it??

For 1st category - Blogger contest!
A cool playful arabic poster for your child's room decoration for the best and interesting entry.
An A3 size poster with glossy printing material is really nice poster to be won.

For 2nd category - Share at Instagram and Facebook!
A set of colorful Iqra' flashcards for the best caption and unique picture uploaded.
Both sided flashcards of Iqra' is a good learning tool for your kids.

For instagram and facebook entries, do encourage your family and friends to like your picture as well..
As the picture with the most "likes" stand to win this cute and colorful "My First Arabic Flashcards"..

Hold on...
Whats for the giveaway??..
5 lucky participants who participate in this contest and giveaway will stand to win these cute Islamic buttons..

*sorry picture not so clear, nanti upload balik*

Contest and giveaway start from today until 30 June 2013..
All the winners will be announced at my blog, instagram and baby khalifah series facebook.
Any queries, please send to my email

Need you kind favor to like "Baby Khalifah Series" Facebook Page as well..
Click to this link! Thanks a bunch..

What are you waiting for??
Hurry up darling, submit your entry and picture!!

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