Monday, May 27, 2013

[Reading 4 Beginners] : Adam's reading progress..

Fuh dah lamanye tak update progress reading Adam Mikael..
Bila nak cari gambar  balik, mak aii bnyk lah plak..
Actually I did regularly updated instagram, since that the easiest way to upload and put caption..
Still, as I really wanted to monitor and captured all memories of his reading progress..
Ok, kuatkan semangat!!Sorry, it will be a long entry with load of peektures!!

Based on my original lesson plan, the first stage of Adam's reading lesson at home is to get to know the phonics. Alhamdulillah, skrang dia dah hafal semua sounding A to Z..
In fact kalau tny mane2 huruf pun, dia dah boleh sebut fluently with sounds..
Glad to hear the aunty at school pun surprise on Adam's progress on that..
 Adam dah settle phonetics and now dah moved to next stage of spelling..
And for me, as I used Starfall website more in helping him to read, bila dah habis Stage 1, moved to Stage 2, agak sukar jugak, sb mommy pun tak berapa nak reti..dulu sekolah2 mana belajar kan..
And now, as u read my earlier entry on reading progress, I prefer on sight reading method now..
Yes, Alhamdulillah, he showed a lot of improvements.
I'm so happy! In fact, mommy makin rancak shopping buku anak. 

Stage 2 of

Picture of Adam at school for, his aunty.. 

He's now on spelling level..

It almost same with Starfall, but yet more interesting sb ada cute stuffs tu sekali..
Owh syoknye!

Every night Adam normally spent 15-20 minutes on reading..
Sekarang dia at book 2b Peter and Jane..

This is video on reading 2a recently..
*please ignore suara mommy yer heheh*

When  I started on P&J book 2..
2a followed with 2b, makin bnyk new words they introduced..
So satu malam tu tak dan lah nak abis satu buku kan..
So, what I did, I start on Ladybirds Read It Yourself..
Honestly both of us like these books so much..
Yeap, it became our bedtime story books now..
Simple and within 10 minutes dah abis..*tu pun sb bnyk dialog session in between*

Read It Yourself  by Ladybirds ni ada 4 levels..
Surprisingly, level 1 & 2, which mmg simple pun actually..
Adam dah boleh baca proud of you boy..
This book good to improve more on reading skill for early readers..
Naikkan semangat diorang nak membaca..
And further, tales story kan, mmg interesting!

Level 1 read It Yourself..

Level 2 read It Yourself..

Level 3 read It Yourself..

And I pun start using Paul and Mary too..
Just to add some variants of characters..
Asyik P&J je kan..
So after level 2, I started to use this Book 1 & 2..
Lepas dah abis baru start on P&J book 2b plak..

Book 1 Paul and Mary..

Book2 Paul and Mary..

I did bought Usborne collection too..
Sebab gambar dia menarik..

And cara baca dia pun interesting..

Adam loves this too..

Every set of P&J, book c normally for writing practice..
But I normally did on weekend..

And used P&J flashcards to help..

1c book

Other than can help him to recognize the word, learn to make proper sentence too..

Sekarang hobby baru mommy Adam adalah beli buku kanak2..
Its fun thing you know..hahaha..

Hopefully we managed to start on P&J book 3 soon..
Will update more on his progress on next entry ya!


Fatimah Al-Attas said...

I suggest you go to Book access at Amcorp Mall if you like to find books, they sell them at awesome prices. You'll enjoy yourself very much and save a lot of kachings! :)

Fatimah said...

wah..mummynadia..hntr adam school ktne?ank saye thn depan 4 years tgh cr school...buku peter and jane pula mcm mna nk bg die minat yea..saye beli satu2..ingt dah khatam bru nk beli lg..bila sebut peter die ikut..bila sebut jane mesti xnk..nesti ckp ni mama la..aduhai..

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