Thursday, December 5, 2013

FM Lil' Shop first ever bazaar!!

Yeap, you're heard me right!!
Woot woot!!
Am so excited too..

Come and visit Fabulous Motherhood Lil' Shop for great discount and free goodies..
*we have prepared cool free stuffs for kids and moms too*
InsyaAllah we will bring most our products there, except those yg besar2 from Leap Frog products.
Thus, we encourage those who wants to purchase leap Frog stuffs, please do pre-order and we will bring during the bazaar day!
Great saving on postage fees!

Join us on Saturday..
Ada Sheahnee Lee for Buggy Baby Boogie Closing Sale, preloved sale from famous artist like Sharifah Sofia, Natasha Hudson, Sarah Shahnor etc, ada babywearing demo by Snuggbaby and more!!

Mark your calendar and come and visit us!
See you there..

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