Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mummies Day Out With Philips Avent..

Hi lovelies! Time is so limited skrang ni, ok try to make use this 1 hour break to finish the entry. =) Anyway, anyone here big fan of Philips Avent? *sambil angkat tangan sbelah lagi* Owh yes, same here! I'm a big fan of Philips Avent. Those my loyal readers here *hugs kisses*, you all mesti aware that I used lots of Philips Avent stuffs for my breastmilk storage as well as for solid foods storage and blender. Well, I'm so happy that my review on Avent Via Cup being used widely *eh eh ada lah jgak* by the Avent resellers to sell their products. One of it check here! And this is my original entry =)

Back to the topic. So when I received invitation for Mummies Day Out With Philips Avent, yes I know I will not miss this. And so lucky it was held on weekend. Great job Philips! That was my first time to bring along my sister Najmi *aka Che Mimi* to blogger event too. Since dia tengah breastfeed and stage to provide solid foods to her darling munchkin, ok lebih sesuai. Mommy skrang tengah cuti sementara sebelum start balik jaga baby *errkkk bila ek*

Event was held at Hilton Hotel, PJ. Not so far from our house using Federal Highway *reason I accept the invite too hehehe* The 4 hours event, was a very short event yet very fruitful sessions for all mommies. Mmg best sgt!

The event started with talk given by Ms Indra Balaratnam who is a Dietitian Consultant.
She spoke on good nutrition during pregnancy as well as during breastfeeding. Will share on detail on this topic soon. *yea being a while mommy nadia tak cerita pasal bf kan =)*

After about an hour talk, its time about the Avent product introduction by the spoke person from Kinderjik, official distributor for Philips Avent. 

 Good new for bf mommies! Avent just newly launched their electric breastfeeding pump recently. Very nice color *ya its purple*, very convenience for mommies as it come with single and double pumping, and with battery as well. Bunyi pun tak kuat. The price pun quite reasonable! Check it out at store and their website as well.

And the last session for the event was cooking demo by Chef Marina. Why shud they have cooking demo? Because it is very important to provide healthy foods for the family specially for small kids. As working parent, its so much important to have gadgets that will help us to shorten time spent at kitchen. With the above gadget, pretty sure we will have more convenience time with our family. yeay! Owh tell u what, mmg syok habis tgk Chef Marina masak, in half an hour, she can cooked rice, meatballs and sauce, and siap buat dip lagik! Visit her blog for healthy recipes. She also encouraged to get our kids involve during food preparation too. *hmmm weekend boleh lah kut hehe* The lovely boys Emmir and Adam tengah help Chef Marina buat meatball. So cute =)

Owh yeahh!! You know how much I love the Philips Avent Steamer and Blender tu *color hijau tu*. Sgt useful. Check out here and here! So happy to help few of my insta frenz to purchase the combined blender and steamer at very super duper special price. Now retail price dah naik jadik RM 548 =( 
Target nak beli fryer lah pulok u'olls =)

There you go..Apelagi makan lah. Mmg maveles! 

Che Mimi siap bertambah..hehehe =)

Chef Marina Mustafa and Yours Truly =)

 And all the bloggers..Smileeee..

We had big lunch at Paya Serai, PJ Hilton on that day!
Yummilicious foods of course..

And before balik..selfie kejap yer..

Thank you so much Philips!
We had great time there and the goodie bag as usual never disappoint me. 
Love u so much Philips Avent..

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