Monday, November 25, 2013

Grab Xmas Sale at ELC, Mothercare thru "Let me be your personal toys shopper" !

Hola mommies and daddies..

Again if you are my loyal readers, u must be aware on my fave season for toys shopping!
Yup yup..Xmas Xmas!!
Pagi2 ni, mr santa clause aka mothercare mailing dah shoot email to all members and mail subscribers on Christmas Sale 2013 at ELC ..
Woot woot!!

You know how much I Love ELC stuffs right! =)
And I did received comments and emails from my readers how frustrated they are because some of them staying outside Selangor and KL and could not able to enjoy this fabulous sale by ELC!

Well, I have good news today..
Specially for those who do not have access to mothercare or elc toy shops..
FM Lil' Shop are proudly to announce our new service that we call as..
"Let me be your personal toys shopper"..
Woot woot!!

For this sale, we will taking order starting from today until 29th Nov 2013..
All items can be view from this catalog:

Kindly email us at for items that you need.
We will send you quotation for your requested items in 24 hours time.

We will do shopping, packing and postage on behalf of you, and all you need to do is waiting for the parcel to reach at your doorsteps. Easy peasy!

As the ELC toys are hot selling products *specially during year end sale*, so you better be hurry!
Happy Shopping!

Other than items at catalogue, will also have few more interesting learning stuffs from ELC also as below:
*will update the price soon! But most of the stuffs with 20-30% disc*

ELC Alphabet Adder

ELC Abacus and Teaching Alphabets

Magnetic Upper Case Letters
Magnetic Lower Case Letters

Magnetic Numbers

Maths Flip Charts

Flashcards - ABC, 123 and Animals 
(each sell separately)


eug|ena said...

As salam Kak Nadia,

Mizah share pdf file tu dgn kwn2 office ye..
hope u don't mind :)


mommyNadia said...

Sure no prob Mizah =)

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