Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On cloth diapering my lil' Ryan..

I really take a long gap to update story on my cloth diapering journey. Pheww!!Hopefully this time, I'm able to publish the entry. My 1st entry was during confinement period, here. Maybe it was not a good and happy story to tell, telling on how I managed the poo poo, huhuhu it was not a pleasant story to be shared actually. Before that, please dont get offended with my entry. I'm just sharing experiences that I went through and just my 2 cents!!

Dont get me wrong! I'm not regretted on decision to cloth diapering my lil child. In fact, to be honest, I 've saved a lot on diapers for our monthly expenses. If  last time, Adam needed to mix the blue and purple Huggies, Ryan on the other hand can enjoy the comfortness of Huggies Ultra as I just need 1 packet for 1 month usage. Owh yeap, I'm not fully cloth diapering my baby yet. 1 thing because of the stock of cds that I have now and plus, I preferred to put him on plastic diaper at night, kalau tak mahu tido mommy tak lena! I just used 1 diaper at night and during travelling or outing. So I can be considered as half cd'ing kut ;) But its all up to us, even if u just use cd once a day, at least u have save 1 diaper and help to save the environment too. *Ehem ehem macam duta green peace plak ;)*

The day I decided to cloth diapering my no2, it was actually after a long discussion with Mr Hubby. It really because we try to cut down on the expenses. *gaji naik tak seberapa mane kan ;(* Meaning that, I really have to decided on the right cd to invest, tak nak nanti beli tak elok, banyak plak nak kena beli. Besides, I have to consider the daycare too, bukan semua caregiver nak layan cd cd ni. Lucky that I have the nursery which accepted cd.*sebab rasenye Ryan je pun yang ber"cd" bagai* So, my journey to find the good cd began as early as my early pregnancy. And finally decided on GroVia, All-in-2  for nursery and for travelling which more comfy is All-in-1. Reason I decided on Grovia, tho the price a lil bit expensive to compare with other brand and type, its because of the shell (outer) which can be used 2-3 times with different soaker (inner). Meaning that, for nursery, I just need 3 shells and 5 soaker for 10 hours usage. And so far after about 6 months on this, I really loved the trimness of the diapers.

1st time bought during pregnant..

2nd time bought during confinement..

3rd time bought during started working after maternity leave..

Itti Bitti bought from Aussie..

Current cd stocks that I have just enough for 2-3 days used.
*So nak tak nak, hari2 mahu kena basuh and jemur, bila time hujan
 macam sekarang, garu kepala lah kami!!*

1st picture on left: Grovia AI2 (All-in-Two)

*ni pun macam AI2 jgak*

Ryan in lime green IB..
*size L ok..beli size M nehi muat!!*

There come the toughest part! Handling the soiled diapers specially when there are poo poo inside. Yurk!!!And I was given privilege to handle that part. Yes, me only, no one else. Hate it. Buat si Ryan active duk poo poo smp 2 kali, maka jenuh lah duk menyembur balik keje tu. Naik pening jugak tau mengadap poo poo baby ni, specially Ryan has started on solids now. huhuhu. But the rest, lucky I have a good helper, Mr Hubby who will help to put the diapers on washing machine and hang it when they are done. *While mommy duk bz sental botol kat dapur ;)* Thats what I always said, if u dont hv maid to help u on this, u better need to have green light from ur hubby, as to handle this alone, with other things to do, it wont an easy job.

Soiled diapers in wet bag from nursery..

Soiled diaper pouch at diaper bag..

InsyaAllah, even I had to face many challenges on cloth diapering my lil boy, I will continue this journey till end. *sampai Ryan diaper free la maksud I ;)* Never  turn back, InsyaAllah. But yet, I have to set my mind and be focus, trying as much not to leisure my money on fancy cd. hahahaha!! Yes, I tell u, once u are in cd world, u might be easily attracted and distracted with many pattern and designs, and sgt mahal woo!! If you see, semua stock cd I mmg plain. B'cos I normally grabbed the cd during sales and not so many designs offered. I'm ok with that. In fact, I will only top up my cds everytime sales come. *Memang sgt alert bila tiny tapir or fabulous mom buat sales, as u can easily get up to 20% discounts on GroVia, it saved me alot!!* 

As of now, I'm proud to say that I'm cloth diapering my lil baby. Its not an easy one specially if you're a working mom, minus maid!! *Hi-5 Mr hubby!!*

ps: So happy that Adam now is diaper free!!Will share the good story soon ;)


Nadine said...

*clap* *clap* cayalah Nad! ;)

I mmg salute mommies yg pakaikan cd for their children sbb I tau commitment yg diperlukan sgt tinggi lagi2 since investmentnye pun boleh tahan.

mommynadia said...

tq tq..tapi I half half je u!!

yeap, tang investment pun bnyk jugak, tak boleh patah balik..jalan turus saja kakak ;)!!

Ladysara said...

sy pun baru nak berjinak...pakai time kat umah je...kat taska still pkai daipers pakai buang..

p!nkerton said...

cayalah nadia! i half way je huhu.. sbb i rasa firas wee wee banyak sgt. pakai kejap je dah lencun abis. mebbe sbb i beli yg tak brapa kualiti sgt kot. i tak penah try grovia lagi, but the design sungguhlah comel2 melambai poketkuu huhu..

mommynadia said...

itu,ada nursery tak layan kan..
caiyyok dear!!

mommynadia said...

kadang kn tgk cara pakai jgak, kalau terlonggar sgt ke, boleh leak jgak..
atau tak proper prewash, soaker tu tak fully absorb.boleh leak jgak..
better check on that too dear..

but so far,ramai yg promote grovia when i survey on which cd shud i invest?and I'm happy wit my decision ;)

zahira said...

byk betul cabaran if nak cd nih. jimat mmg jimat tapi...tang nak basuh tu yg tak tahan. nmpk gaya kalo malas nak cd kena train Kiki diaper free cecepat nih!

maniscinta said...

cayalah mommy yayahh!!
tabik springggggg!! :P

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