Friday, December 23, 2011

Breastfeeding is Beautiful ;)

Went through the pictures in hp gallery, found many pictures of ebm which I've shared with my friends in tweetland. Decided to upload in as an entry, in future boleh tengok2..

1 session pump using Medela Mini E.
*time awal2 start keje after confinement*


Out-of-office during training..
*Extension plug pun kena bawak sb surau tu plug electric dia depan pintu, tak logik sunggoh!!*

My day 1 using FS..
Collection in less than 7 min..
I <3 FS!!

1 day session with FS..
Start using Medela 8 oz bottle..

My happy collection for 1 day..
2 times pumping sessions

The day I forgot to bring back my ebm, left in office's fridge..
The picture of 2 days collections..
*someone asked me, ni 1 day collection ke?Kalau ya, mak bukak kilang susu ;)*

Alhamdulillah dengan rezeki Allah..
Semoga Allah memudahkan lagi perjalanan bf saya..

I <3 BF!!


Unknown said...


mommaholicSURI said...

Oh dear!! I'm sure this entry gonna be such inspirational to every breastfeed mom esp yang new mommies! I have the same determination for my 2nd pregnancy nanti. Semoga kuat semangat. Amin (cakap macam dah pregnant je kan? belum tau!) :)

ReYNa said...

nnti nok mcm kak long jugak la.fully breastfeed.bestnya pakai medela FS tu

Hanis MY said...

waaa banyaknya.... hopefully my bf journey pun wonderful...
medela fs ni kat mesia berapa nadia? nak compare harga kat sini...thanks!

Ladysara said...

Wah..murah rezeki ank..semoga berterusan sampai 2 tahun...chaiyok!!:-)

mommynadia said...

thx ladies!!
tk seberapa mana,but hoping boleh inspire other mommies and mommy-2-b..InsyaAllah..

fs Nadia beli kat online around RM1600. Pray for ur smooth journey till delivery. Take care dear ;)

Unknown said... this post!!
keep on pumping and inspire people like me,who needs a lil poking once in a whilebile time malas pam.hehe
(well,im back!lama dh x bloghopping.stress keje xde time leisure2.arghh)

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