Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh..I'm so touched!!

Hey lovelies,
I have good news to share here!! *happy mode*

Still remember my last entry about the Dumex Dugro Fruit & Veg launching that I went? Read here =). I did mention inside the entry about a short video of a motherhood story which the one aired during the launching day, aight?? It’s actually a touching and memorable video of the true love between mom and child. A mom who enjoyed her motherhood life, appreciating and encouraging all the good behaviors from her little ones. It shows how we should rewards and acknowledges every good deeds and efforts from our children. Seriously, it was a very touching story and almost makes me in tears. *sob sob* Ending of this sweet story is when the kid expressed his appreciation towards her mother in most unexpected moments.*paling syahdu*  Excited tak nak tengok???

Yeha!! Great news here mommies, the video now available on facebook for exclusive viewing and the best part, we will have chance to win some prizes when we start sharing the video too. Best best!! All you need to do is to visit Dumex Dugro facebook page here!!

And this is special for Fabulous Motherhood readers..
Enjoy the video..

“Yang terbaik untuknya, yang terbaik daripadanya”

As a mother, it's such a deep gratification and great joy when our children express their appreciation in the most unexpected moments especially if it is initiated by the child naturally.  I do believe these great devotions are reciprocated by a well brought up child.

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to share with all the mommies too..
*owh what a fabulous motherhood*


Unknown said...

aqil pandai sebut "ayg mamak (sayang mama)" sebab tgk iklan tu..terharu..

mommaholicSURI said...

I dunno why tadi i cannot open the video through your blog and Dumex Dugro fb. Tapi sebab bak tgk jugak, i search dekat Youtube, jumpa!!

Mmg touching, you. Suka! :)

Hanis MY said...


p/s: belum story mory di blog i'm gonna be a mama soon... pray for me! :)

Nadine said...

Dah kuar eh babe video ni. Teringat time kita tgk kat launching tu, hampir2 nak menitik air mata.. :)

mommynadia said...

so cute..mesti terharu ek..

mommynadia said...

Itulah time launching tu, me, thara,nadine and madam..kelu seribu bahasa..sgt touching u!!
specially time nak g scool tak..mcm tk sangka anak2 kita dah besar kan..dah nak masuk school nanti...waaaa!!

mommynadia said...

Brape bulan..cant wait for the announcement :)

mommynadia said...

dah u..that day I nk attach skali tak boleh..sb they all ada official launch jgak..
yea..sgt sayu kan time tu..dgn lagu man bai..tak tahan babe!!

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