Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Touched!

Hari ni dah hari ke-23 Ramadhan, and today also the 2nd day of ISO audit at my company. Yeap, this time audit really make me worried and jantung dupdap dupdap sb auditors keep pointing about calibration. And most of the things under my responsibility. Please janganlah dapat any NCR.* Pray for smooth journey!!

And this morning, masuk office, as usual, belek2 my blog sebelum buat kerja yg melambak2, tak reti nak start mana satu dah! Tiba2, I was stumbled upon one blog ni, very nice and simple entry, but yet ..tiba2 jadik sayu sgt2. Writer of the blog is a 52old mother who talked about life and his son. From 1st entry, I moved to her previous entry and scrolled down to the earliest. I started to feel weird when there were many entries written before and seems like this blog was not belong to her. Sebab I skip2 entry, jadik tak paham..

Then I started to wonder, she has many sons and dotters, but yet why only she kept talking about his son, Afzal. Then, the entry written on Jan 2011 (where the 1st entry Mama Afzal started writing), was after 33days Afzal passed away. Owh lagik sedih..

Gals, I'm writing this to share the blog link. Take ur time to read. Kekadang nak kena muhasabah diri. Many things need to be improve in order to be a better person, better muslimah and yet a better mother and wife!

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