Sunday, August 21, 2011


Alhamdulillah..After almost 3 years waiting and hoping, me aka mommynadia finally owned something that I called as precious!!

Apakah ini!!!
* exclude my twitter fwens!!


yeap, its a F.R.E.E.S.T.Y.L.E!!!
A Medela breastpump!!

The decision made after many discussions, congak campur tolak tambah bahagi, me finally decided to get one!! Kalau 3 years back * time tu duk pike PISA or Spectra, with 1st time experience, dont know either my bf experience is a smooth journey or not, me decided to choose a reasonable pump at that moment. After 4mos delivery of Adryan, Alhamdulillah with extra rezeki from Him, tak nak lengah lagik decided to make up my mind, and invest to this gadget. * berbelah bahagi hooo...maklumlah time2 nak raye ni, RM1600 kalau invest beli handbag sebijik, tak ke bergaya mommy pi raya tahun ni!!!;(
To my readers,u guys know how much I waited for this moment right!!!Syukur...

Tanpa lengah, I googled online store at the best offer. At first decided to buy through ebay from my besties, but to avoid all those hancky pancky warranty and adapter thingy, me decided to just buy it online. And I choosed aka Wan Ami Zain! Alhamdulillah. With linked from Miszy Anne, senang berurusan dgn Ami. * and plus she also my super jr at MRSMPC too..what a small world!! Great offer, many free goodies, I loike!!!Thanks Ami!!

Huih dpt2 tanpa lengah, ommak charge and basuh semua parts!!Tak sabar katanye!!

The day I received the parcel, mmg over excited, tapi tengokkan banyak betul small parts, naik pening jgak. Lucky I pernah pakai this pump at Medela Servcice Centre before, with guideline provided, I managed to use it and still in the stage nak jadik FS pro!!;)

For those who followed me thru twitter, mesti dah selalu tgk Nadia twit about fs! Just to share here, Alhamdulillah, my 1st expressing was after 12 hours charged the battery. It was sahur on Thurs last week, I managed to pump 5oz after Ryan breastfed. And the 1st trial at office, I managed to express around 10 oz milk. Next day, I managed to get 2 bottles full just in 7.33 min! And continued to collect total for 18oz of total session. That was the best score at this moment. To get that full bottles is not the new thing for me * huih, sila abaikan ayat belagak tak ingat!! But to have it in 7 min, really a big WOW to me!!* Thats my jakun words!! It was like to change from Mr Hubby Caldina to the high performance car like hmmm...another Lotus series maybe!!!wahahahaha * Hubby jgn marah!! Yeap, but its true. With my Spectra3 and MiniE, I still managed to have full bottles, but the time consumed and comfortableness to consider, this new gadget is more than what I expected!! Love it!!Even skrang odw balik Banting pun boleh dpt 5oz in 6 min, Alhamdulillah!!

10 oz milk on 1st day pump at office!

I'm still in the stage to be an expert in using their hands-free thingy too ;(. InsyaAllah, as I have few blogger friends who also seangkatan dengan I tgh exploring the fs, will try to update on how to handle this fs too * hi 5 to Nadine and Anne too. I just read about, those sensitive parts kalau ada tear, or even scratch, these things really can minimize the pump suction!!owh shud take those handling into considerations too. But the contra is banyak sgt part nak kena basuh.Adehhh!!!

Owh  ya, I also received comments and email from friends on how to sustain the milk production during Ramadhan. So far, me too having the difficulties during this time. Tho I know, many took milk booster like energy drink or watsoever, my really milk booster is rice aka nasi!! Sometimes I lose appetite during sahur and yet just took slices of bread and soy milk, it really affected my milk production. But yet, Alhamdulillah, so far, Ryan consumption at nursery still equal to what I produced at office, which around 15-18 oz. But sometimes, there still negativity when I suka2 used the ebm during shopping time without immediately to up!owh owh!! InsyaAllah with my new gadget hopefully I can overcome all those negative bottles that I have now!!InsyaAllah. But yet, ensure to take sahur, and continuously pump during office hours, InsyaAllah susu boleh maintain. Good luck gals!!

Milk produced during this Ramadhan..

InsyaAllah to breastfeed till 2 years..Amin!

ps: tidur malam ku sudah lena...heheehe ;)


♥ Elin Adrenalin ♥ said...

waahh hati sudah senang!!
;) hrp niat murni untuk breastfed sehingga 2 tahun tuh kesampaian ok.
happy wekend deAR!

ummi_ziz said...

Wah mommy dah bley tdo lena ehh hihi bestnya, rezeki ryan mrh eh alhamdulillah. Act. I dh 2 hr perah ebm pki tgn u sbb my doters thlgkn sparepart my breastpump. Huhu..i hrp sgt leh jmp blk pnt woo pki tgn.. Huhu

Okla hp breastfeeding k. Take care!

Mek Rose said...

tahniah nad..skang ni nak beli DF dulu. then melabur utk beli FS plak kot..ahahha *matila..semua jenis pam nak beli*

Ami said...

2 words: byknye susu!wah kagum2.i sendiri pon tak penah dpt full bottles what?6 mins??anyway,thanks again ye nad!

amirah said...

nadia, itu mmng harga yg paling rendah ke?ermm.. i look forward too to have FS too for my second baby..bestnya rasa kalau boleh berFS

RuZaNNa said...

Aha.. dah dpt.. and dah guna pun.. best best.. apa kata lepas ni nadia share the tips and how to handle it properly?.. anne kata je beli awal.. tp mmg malas naaa nak kisah camne nak guna and bagai.. heheh.. bersihkan pun belum lagi.. heheh..
Wow.. 10oz in 7 mins?? cptnyaa!! mesti sbb nadia banyak susu jugak, itu sbb cpt sgt penuh.. hehehe.. i can see that each side production die different kan..
Anyway, looking forward for more entries on FS :)

Cikgi Diva :-) said...

wow best tuu....tahniah coz dah dpt another 'baby'...hihi.

owh ami tu super jr kita?aritu ada emel dia tya psl fs gak tp kite x jadi beli fren bg email dia,katanya dgn ami is the cheapest boleh dpt fs.

Chekgu Azrine said...

teruja baca entry u nih.. keep it up breastfeeding ur children k..

raihan said...

im a spectra user.i pun dpt lenguh tu.serius sakit sampai tk leh nk angkat tgn..even nak sikat rambut pun susah
i ingat i kena penyakit paralysed ke :)
dgr u story psl medela FS..alamak rasa nak try la..
thanks for sharing...

raihan said...

im a spectra user.i pun dpt lenguh tu.serius sakit sampai tk leh nk angkat tgn..even nak sikat rambut pun susah
i ingat i kena penyakit paralysed ke :)
dgr u story psl medela FS..alamak rasa nak try la..
thanks for sharing...

p!nkerton said...

weahhuuuu pam raya!! hihi.. best kannnn? i pon paling suka part cepat tu. kejap je tgk2 botol dah penuh :) tp i belum try freestyle lagi, tak khatam manual lg ;p masuk keje nnt harus freestyle! :D

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