Monday, August 29, 2011

Nuffnang 6th Blog Day!

* Yes yes, I'm one of the blog junkie!^-^
Nuffnang is organizing a contest  sempena Merdeka..3108 which equal to blog day!
And this is my first time join contest organized by Nuffang..;)
Here we go, my 6 fave blogs!! Highly recommended by mommynadia. Have a look, and I'm sure u will get hook too..;)

Nak tahu, inspired by Nuurill aka mommaholicsuri ni lah, I started my blogging world..thanks babe!!
Yeap, writer of the blog, which really a mommaholicsuri, enjoyed her blog world rambling about her work and travelling, fashion, and his cute and adorable son Oman. She got nice picture taken too.
Her tight schedule is not an excuse for her to enjoy the motherhood life!!Respect beb!!

Sharing her lovely motherhood life through her camera lens, the main agenda from the writer of the blog, Aimy aka maniscinta. The amateur photographer, yet to be a professional in the making, InsyaAllah. Tak sabar nak tengok more picture bila si maniscinta dah ada kat UK nanti. Mesti lah cantek gambar2 kat sane..Keep on sharing darl!!

Hanis aka Hanasakura writer of the blog, further her phd at Sendai, Japan. Kalau baca blog ni, sure macam diri duduk kat Japan. Hanis banyak share pengalaman dia kat sane, specially bila dia pergi holiday with her hubby aka love! But sometimes she also shared her sweet moments melancong all over the world. Seronok tengok Hanis jalan2!!

One word about this blog is C.U.T.E! The writer is adorably cute, picture taken pun sgt cute!
Kalau baca blog ni, terasa macam diri ini pun cute..hehehe * boleh ker??!!

I just blogwalked this blog and found the entry written by a mother which really make feel so touched. And I'm surely will keep on reading this motivating blog. Please keep on writing mamaafzal!

I love blogging so much. I'm not just enjoy reading the entry, but I did enjoyed viewing those blogger with beautiful and cute template too. I was amazed with those who really has talent in creating a lovely template. Praying I will be in her list to make over my blog too! ^-^


Kalau ikut nak list, tak habis2 kan..Mujur Nuffnang mintak 6 aje..But I really have more lovely and fantastic blogs to share if I have chance to do it again! But those listed above, just part of them. Readers and peeps, have a look, I'm pretty sure u will be one of their  followers next. Same like me..;P
Happy Merdeka!!


Hanis MY said...

wow, tak sangka i'm in the list arigatou nadia.. suka jugak berkunjung kat sini tengok those 2 handsome heroes and learn motherhood stuffs(waiting patiently for my turn)...good luck with nuffnang contest... nanti nk mention kat blog jugaklah walaupun tak sempat join huhu...

maniscinta said...

thanks darlll !! tak seke ambe...byk lagi blog lain best2 hok mek link.... yg nk kene jadik blogger tegar pasni...
wish u all the best!!

mommaholicSURI said...

I sangat sangat sangat TERHARU!!! Terima kasih banyak-banyak. Tak sangka i'm in your list. :)
I pyn suka ur blog babe, esp on your breastfeeding determination. Omai !! i sangat-sangat respect!!

Thanks again!! =D

mommynadia said...

yes gals..
u deserved it..kamu mmg terbaekkk!!

keep on writing and inspiring everyone out there!!

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