Monday, September 30, 2013

Work In Progress

Happy Monday all..

I have great news to share..*wootwoot*
As u all can see, my blog sekarang dah bertukar wajah sket..
I changed to 2 column to have more space and better picture viewing..
The best part, we are currently working to have better space for my darling readers and customers to shop with Fabulous Motherhood Lil' Shop too..yeay!
*jeling atas sket*
Alhamdulillah, hopefully with the proper space to shop and ads, personal blog ni boleh more focus on personal and review entries..
Takde lah bercampur sgt..

Ok, working hard now, hopefully boleh cepat launch..
Pray for a smooth one..
Will have soft launch and special promo too..

Till then..


DYatie ABakar said...

all the best to u dear! :D

Unknown said...

cant hardly wait!!!

s a r a h said...

I've never been here before, but yes this purple and this layout sangat smaarttt...

Mummydearie said...

I like the soft purple background. Is it the new look?

mommyNadia said...

Thanks Yatie and Airin..

mommyNadia said...

Thank you for visiting my humble visit more ya =)

mommyNadia said...

No lah Mummydearie..its still the same template, I just changed to 2 columns only =)

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