Thursday, October 3, 2013

1st Annual International Education & Parenting Conference (IEPC)

Salam everyone..
Just found advertisement about this conference when sending the kiddos to school today..
I was so excited especially when I saw the pictures of well-known speakers to be invited to this conference..

Share this with everyone here in case ada yg berminat nak join..
InsyaAllah, nak melahirkan generasi Muslim yang intelektual dan complete dari segenap segi, parents pun kena take part dalam memahami kehendak dan keperluan anak-anak kita..

Its a great chance for us..
InsyaAllah, will be there too, to learn more bout parenting and education for my children..

For detail about the conference, u can visit this link: 

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Jin Ai @ Mama Hear Me Roar said...

I love parenting conferences! Too few of them out there. Hope you have a great learning time!

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