Thursday, September 12, 2013

L for Leap Frog, L for Lazada ..

Good day all..
It's been a while since my last update about reading stuffs of my 2 kiddos. Yeap, got bundle of pending entries to be updated. Will try to ramp up after this, InsyaAllah..

Anyway, just to update my kiddos new gadgets which I bought couples of weeks ago..
To be truth, I was eyeing on these things since few years back. At that time ragu2 nak beli sb tak properly study, fikir Adam pun tak start on reading lesson yet. So, bila Adam dah start reading this year, Alhamdulillah Ryan pun started to love books, so I guess its worth to invest on this reading system. 

Honestly said, I was a big fan of Leap Frog stuffs. Oppss my kiddos love Leap Frog so much..
*that will be more proper hehehe* 
So, the new reading system that I mentioned above also from Leap Frog. After few weeks of using and playing with this stuffs, both Adam and Ryan love them so much. Maybe after this nak kena stock up more books..

Tag Junior *also kown as Leap reader Junior*
is for Adryan..

It can be used from 1 to 3 years old. Basically suitable for toddlers.

Most of the books for Tag Junior are simple yet with nice illustrations and cheerful sounds. My plan to start purchase on early reading books for Ryan too.

Another thing I love about books from Leap Frog reading system, because most of the books came with latest Disneys' series, and sounds also exactly from the characters..
Video above on Adam using Tag Junior for Disney Cars..

Hopefully with this cute gadget, will encourage the lil boy to learn on ABC too..

Happy boy!

While for Adam, I bought Tag..
(which currently upgraded to new version of Leap Reader)

Tag suitable for kids at age 4-8 years old..

Mmg happy lah Adam..
Kalau tak asyik baca Ladybirds series, now dah boleh baca Disney series book..
Will do review more on this tag soon..

Video on Adam using Tag..

So mommy's current addiction now is surveying books and other stuffs at Leap Frog which can be used with Tag and Tag Junior *I like* 

Speaking of which, one of the biggest Malaysia online shop, Lazada also have various range of educational toys for children. And Leap Frog is one of them. Woot woot!!
The best part, Lazada promised special price for selected items too..

Let see how easy and convenience to shop online nowadays..

Visit their webiste at ..

Best parts shopping with Lazada are:

Lazada offer Cash on Delivery *terms and condition applied*

Free delivery available nationwide..

Free return within 14 days..

Lazada also provided various banking system for payment method too..

First thing first..
Register yourself with Lazada..
Email will send to your mailbox immediately for confirmation..
*do register for newsletter, nanti immediately dapat RM10 in your account woot*

Scroll down the categories..
See there is Leap Frog brand under Toy & Babies..

Click and ...taraa!!
Mommy berpinar mata okey =)
Price offer at Lazada for Leap Frog mmg syok, up to 20% discount any time..
*tak payah tunggu sale*

Leapfrog  Tag Interactive Human Body Dsicovery Pack..
Alaa..abis stock! Click "Notify Me", Lazada will notify u again when stock available..

Leap Frog Junior..
That day, dah out of stock. Now dah ada balik..
Better grab now darls!
Click "Buy Now"..

Click click click..

Dah ..kejap je penuh carts. Confirm free delivery kan..

My current Wishlist Items..hehehe

For those who stay at home, boleh buat COD..
Click button "Place Your Order"..

Easy peasy lemon squezzy..

Not only Leap Frog, there are few more brands available at Lazada with super duper price discounts..
Visit 'em now..


amirah said...

like this! been eyeing for this dh lama tp x beli2 lagi. a good start i must say

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

wah my daughter dah lama nak :)

FazzNeo said...

Good for my son too.. Adam dan Aisy..

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