Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WW : It's play-doh time!!

Last weekend, we had fun playing with playdough aka plastesin..
Dah lama tak keluarkan  modelling set ni for Adam..pity him..
Now mommy is so excited to top up art and craft stuff for our weekend activity..

*Ryan n his obsession*

Happy holiday everyone.. 



mama ct said...

clever boy..masyaAllah...seronok tengok dia main...

btw nad...u ckp yg ryan dah minat conteng2 kan...i dulu bila aisyah mula oandai menyonteng...a put her on high chair...i draw big or flower...then I bagi crayon...bagi aje dia conteng....then you tepuk tgn...dia punya happy...nanti lama2 dia akan minat and develope very rapidly...cuba tengok dia tekun menekan crayon tu!

mommynadia said...

good idea ct..tq so much..I was surprised to see he can hold the pencil well..impressed sgt taww..yelah shud develop time kecik lagik ek..even now pun semangat dia duk conteng kat paper..tak bagi crayon takut masuk mulut..that baby magic pen tu suitable for him to hold..thnx again dear ;)

ummi_ziz said...

Bestla adam main playdoh tu..sini dh lama izu tk bg derg main Playdoh..huhu. I shud let them play la once i finished this second sem insyaAllah!

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