Monday, April 9, 2012

Terukir Di Bintang..

I just love love this song so much right now..
*biasa lah selalu ketinggalan ketapi*
Worst..this song keep on playing in my radio buruk since morning..

Love the melody, lyrics and the video clip also is soooo sweet..
Love to see Yuna and Qi in the video..cuwit bangat deh!!

And this song is special dedicated to my beloved hubby..
Mr Harith Charles..
Love love u soooo much..
And thank you for everything..
*case sebab rase bersalah Mr Hubby banyak tolong back up buat keje during weekend wohooo..appreciate it so much!!!*

Enjoy the video everyone... 

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DYatie ABakar said...

saya juga suka lagu ni walaupun saya bukan peminat yuna. :D

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