Monday, January 9, 2012


Its already 9 days after using my new blog template.
But I'm still couldn't find my time to make everthings in order....grrrr!!!
Many pages still not yet updated and a lil bit messy here and there..
I will work on it asap and very glad to announce my 3rd give away for all my fabulous readers soon..
*sempena my 2nd blog anniversary yeay*

Stay tuned..


Nadine said...

Waaa babe, u pun dah ade new look mcm Nuurill! Cutenya :) Serious I ketinggalan ketapi..huhu

Best tgk kawan2 almost everyday update blog. I still tercari2 masa asik x smpat smpai cite pun dah basi *sob*

mommynadia said...

hehehe..cepat2 bertukar wajah ;)

itulah, lately ni pun I tak dan,entry pun yg simple..
taip time lunch hour..

takpe, long updated. Suka bc update about cute twinnies ;)

Arya Stark said...

seriously love love love ur new blog template... purple my fave colour plak tu... ditambah2 ada bnyk gambar ryan michelin tu... makin excited nk jenguk ur blog slalu la nadia hehe =) nak gak buat blog template cantik2 gini but sooo dunno how hehe

mommynadia said...

owh tq tq *blushed*
btw, senang je u..ramai dah yg buat blog template ni, eg krafty palette.

Dear feel free to join my GA, mana tahu boleh dapat blog button/watermark ;)
lepas tu boleh design ur own template..;)

rajin2 dtg lagik blog I..btw, I dah link ur blog to mine ;)
ur baby pun cute..tommey..

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