Thursday, January 12, 2012

Her Golden Key!!

A golden key for  free hassles..
... during the peak hour in the morning..
... from 5.00 pm jammed..
... from loads of work..

My mother had her official retirement key after 37 years of working today...
She's a great employee..we knew that!

Rehat puas2..
Boleh baked more, cook more..

and bila boring boleh datang jengah2 cucu yang sedia menanti di Shah Alam..
Cant wait for our next vacations Omma!!Yeha!!

Congrats Omma!!


Mek Rose said...

tahniah..n selamat berehat utk mak nad..:-)

helen said...

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mommynadia said...

tq for d wish..;)
happy skrang duk berehat kat rumah..

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