Monday, September 19, 2011

Neutrogena Ageless - Bloggers Media Launch ..

I'm celebrating age three zero this year. Seriously, I've became more concerned about my skin lately, as I started to see all those early signs of aging such the fine lines at my eye area and obviously the lackluster/dull skin complexion. *scary u know* But yet, I have to blame myself for the poor "Tender Love Care" during my muda-mudi time. How I wished I could turn back time ;(
When I received invitation by Nuffnang, for the new series product launching from Neutrogena, I was so happy, as if I will get the right answer to what I've been worried for.* Sambil2 tu buatla hulahoop dapat invitation Nuffnang ;)*

Neutrogena Ageless
Breakthrough Layer-by-Layer Technology for Firmer, Youthful-looking Skin!

The venue for the event was held at the Ciao Restorante, an Italian restaurant at Jalan Kg Pandan *Berbolit lidah den nak sebot eh*. Nuurill aka mommaholicsuri and myself arrived about 15 min earlier. Thanks Nuurill for being a good co-pilot. *Kalau  tak memang confirm I stuck kat Jalan Tun Razak tgh hujan tersangat lah lebatnye!* Once we arrived, we straight away registered our attendance and were given a lovely goodie bag by Neutrogena staff *huhuhuhu I loike* While waiting for other bloggers to arrive, we were directed to one area where all the yummy yummy food were served for the refreshment. Seriously, I was so hungry that time, memang tak payah tunggu lama2..

The event theme!

Canapes for the refreshment.
Memang superb!!

Me while enjoying my dinner ;) Ahaks!

Once all the bloggers arrived, the event started with the presentation by the Neutrogena's R&D spokesperson , Mr Cash. We've been explained in very detail about our skin type and structures, aging process and aging components, and all those scary words such dullness, wrinkles, dryness, fine lines for aging signs taking place all over the sweets words of young skin such radiant smooth skin, firm and elastic *Gulp!!*

The spokesperson of the night, Mr Cash.

Me *in purple scarf* with other bloggers during the presentation.
*Focus focus!!*

This will be happened when the gradual loss of functional elastin occurs, which resulting the skin to lose its elasticity and resilience.

So hows the Breakthrough Layer by Layer Technology works??

Neutrogena's dermatologists has discovered that every skin layers ages differently, and each of them requires unique care to fight the signs of the time. This new anti-wrinkles and firming range has patented anti-aging formula as the answer:

Repairs the bottom layer: 
The lost of the elastin in skin bottom layer would be restored with the healing antioxidant blackberry and dill essence, repairing the skin structure and visibly reduce the unsightly sagging.

Replenishes the middle layer:
Southernwood extract replenishes the second layer's skin and seals in hydration to transform unflattering wrinkles into a radiant complexion that bounces gently to the touches.

Renews the top layer:
The Vitamin B3 helps to smoothen the fine lines and infuses the complexion with uplifting glow.

As the clinical studies done, 100% women in the test show the improvement of the fine line and wrinkles and 75% enjoyed increased in firmness in only 8 weeks.*Wah wah fantastic ni!!

As the results, this technology believed to reverse skin age by 8 years after 8 weeks.
Clap clap!!

Introducing the Neutrogena Ageless Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Cream..
The latest triumph in Neutrogena commitment to push the limits of the skin care.

Range of the Neutrogena Ageless Anti-Wrinkle and Firming products which consists of cleanser, tonic water lotion, essence, lotion and eye cream.
*yeha, tak banyak steps, then I loike!!*

The 40 minutes presentation continued with the demo by the spokesperson on how to check the skin elasticity using the equipment provided. And then, we were invited to blogger range trial and review guided by the Neutrogena Beauty Asisstant. Trial time memang adalah sangat dinantikan. We were given opportunity to touch & feel, test and throw as many questions we have to the assigned BA.

Skin checking by the cosmocrazewoman...
*Tell u, kulit dia memang radiant!Cantek!!*

Blackberry smells is so refreshing!
That was Ivy, our table BA.

Trial time by mommaholicsuri and kak Ina.

Ha ha.. sakan tak kami duk testing2..
Everyone was hoping dapat lah angkut satu set bawak balik..ngegegegeg!!

Sambil2 tu, ape lagik, sesi bergambar time ler..
Part paling best hehehehe ;)

Me n Nuurill..

Nuurill, Kak Ina and Zuriey..

Yours truly..

With lovely Nuffies in-charged for the event, Anne Cheah..

Us with posing maut plak.
From left Mommaholicsuri, yourstruly, Faraheng, Zuriey, MadammondoqCikLilyPutih and last but not least   Kak Ina KL..

Best dapat jumpa and borak2 with u all walaupun sekejap cuma!
*Those were the femes bloggers and few more bloggers which I dont know their links, exclude me the picis-picisan*

Don't forget to look out for this new product in leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide.
Happy trying darl!!!

The goodie bag comes with free Neutrogena Ageless Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Cream, worth RM69.90, cute pendrive and lovely make up bag..

Thank you so much Nuffnang & Neutrogena for the invitation to this blogger media launch. 
I really had a wonderful time there!! ;)

ps: I dah start pakai cream yg dapat free tu, tak sabar jugak nak tengok hasilnye. ;)
pss: credit to madammondoq for the nice picture taken. I amik sekeping, dua you..;)


Further info about the product:

Range product of Neutrogena Ageless Anti-Wrinkle and Firming ..

Cleanser for gently removes all impurities while restoring skin's moisture balance.
100 ml at RM34.90

Tonic Water Lotion to instantly absorbed to hydrate and awaken skin, maximizing efficacy of your nextskin care steps.
150 ml at RM34.90

Essence that penetrates deeply through skin layers to smooth skin and firm cellular structures.
30ml at RM89.90

Lotion SPF 20 PA++ revives and illuminates skin,protect skin against UV rays and enviromental aggressors.
40 ml at RM69.90

Cream instantly nourishes to restore vibrancy and skin regains its density and bounce with healthy and youthful glow.
50ml at RM69.90

Eye  cream melts into skin to deeply hydrate, lighten wrinkles and restore elasticity.
15g at RM69.90

For more info about the product, u may also visit this link:



- zuriey - said...

akhirnya jumpajuga blog ni..hehe

mommynadia said...

Thank for visiting zuriey!!

Cosmocrazewoman said...

Terima kasih diatas pujian 'skin cantik'. Hehehe... Anyway, nice meeting you at the neutrogena event. Hope to see you in future event.

Anonymous said...

Askm, sy nak tnya product nih sesuai tak utk saya yg baru umur 22 thn?

mommynadia said...

Hi dik!!
I guess shud be no problem. Prevention for ageless skin right;)

mommynadia said...

owh dear..I missed to reply this comment!!
Nice meeting u that day..mmg kulit u cantik pun!!;)

Anonymous said...

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Feel free to surf my website : The Grand Rapids Press

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