Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my wordy wednesday..

Alhamdulillah..Syukur ke atas segala nikmat yang dikurniakan..

Few months ago, were my hectic months. I got many many things to settle *ye saya tahu, ramai lagi bz pd saya, tp sy nak jugak kata sy bussy bee, asal tak bizzy body dah* . Many things to do list over sub and small subs for each list to do. Penat sgt rasenye. 1 week raya is the beautiful holidays against all the hard works done.*Abaikan keje2 ofis yg memang tak kan habis. I hate settling other people jobs!!* And September is the most beautiful month, followed with coming fantastic October. *InsyaAllah!* I would say that my schedule was packed ^-^. I have long list to do *As usual!!* and the activities is so exciting. Cant wait for that.

Kalau nak list semua kat sini, pening jgak nanti korang nak baca. Takut plak kalau terlelap karang. Sinopsis sikit2 je ek. One of things that make my fly to the moon and back is NUFFNANG!! I'm a blog junkie now.Hihip horray!! Tq, I have hobby so called right now.*When I put shopping is no longer hobby but yet a MUST thing to do hahahaha* Alhamdulillah, after Trudy and Teddy's Tea Party, I have been invited for 2 more events. 1 event dah settle smlm, another one in few weeks.Syukur. Sebagai blogger picisan, to receive BE pun dah buat I lompat bintang, inikan plak dah dipanggil untuk join event. I tell u, NUFFNANG events memang sgt best. Freebies, goodie bags and free and maveles food!Walla!! what make me more happier when 1 of the event received, will be a sponsored post. Owh owh..nak nangis pun ade u!!*Lantaklah nak kata I jakun, mmg tak pernah dapat lagik pun* Teruja but in the same time, takut jugak dgn commitment date line tu. Furthermore, what if my entry nanti tak meet client's requirement. Takuut nye!!InsyaAllah, I'll try my best. Yang best lagik bila join event, selain boleh jumpe all the nuffies *Nuffnang staff = nuffies*, boleh mingle around with other femes blogger. ;) *Serap ilmu* .Wait for entry nanti ye..

Alhamdulillah, after almost 2 yrs blogging, dapat jugak title sponsored tu ;)

Btw, I have something that I'm still work on for my blog. Cant wait for the final results.*tapi still bussy to finalize everything. Wish I have more time to do that!* Inipun sebagai hadiah for my 2nd years blog anniversary. Happy, happy sgt!!InsyaAllah, I will do my 2nd giveaway for my 2nd yrs fabulous motherhood anniversary too, InsyaAllah by next month. Sebab hari jadi blog I bulan depan *Clap clap untuk diri sendiri!!*Stay tuned bebeh..

Apa lagik ek,owh ye. End of this month my parents datang Shah Alam. Nape ek??Owh sb I ada convo..hehehehe.Alhamdulillah. Finally. This is the most precious moments. Tak sangka kerja keras specially the last 2 years ni, finally come to the end. Tak sabar moment nak pergi amik gambar kt studio. Bestnye, sb dah ada 2 anak baru convo.Wuhahahaha!!orang lain tahap dah boleh PHD wokey. Lantok ler ;) Owh btw, siapa2 ada nak bagi saya bunga, sila lah yer. Jangan segan2. I suka tulips, roses, daisy..aiseh over plak u!

InsyaAllah, will be celebrating Adam's 3rd year birthday in advance on that weekend too, with family. Kecil-kecilan shj tahun ni. Tak dan eh. Yup, Adam will be 3 yrs this coming Oct. So happy that my lil boy now has turned to a big bro now. InsyaAllah, mommy and papa will give u present yg pastinye Adam akan hiphip hooray jugak. Thats another my list to do. Nak contact Ana lagi for his birthday cake. Hopefully still tak lambat, Ana.. I will call u!

Thats all I think, time's up. Malam ni ada makan2..yes yes I loike. This weekend more open houses and will have another meja bulat session with besties too. Cant wait for that..

Till then..

ps : Sila jgn boring baca entry I ari ni. To many delayed entry, but yet, picture not yet transfer!!Omo omo  ;)


zahira said...

wah...congrats! Congrats! Rezeki ;)

madammondoq said...

wah.. semakin maju.. bagus.. eh u dapat ke pergi event ke janda baik tu?

mommynadia said...

Kaklong: tq

mommynadia said...

tq for visiting!;)
Alhamdulillah,baru setapak ngan madam dah bertapak2 hehehe.
Yup I'll be there,InsyaAllah.see u there darl!!!

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