Friday, September 9, 2011

How to Manually Expressed the Breastmilk???

Have u ever faced having breast engorged but you could not expressed it out?? No electricity maybe?Atau time pergi training bawak pump tapi takde plug point?? No longer a big issue kalau pump boleh pakai battery kan! Tapi kalau ada pump canggih skali pun, tapi tk bawak part yg sepatutnye macam akak ni, tak gune ;) It happened to me yesterday, bila bangun pagi kelam kabut, time tu baru nak packing botol dan sebagainye. Alih2 morning session nak pump..adehh???Mane plak breast shield ni???waaaa!!!

Nmpk tak corong yg tak complete tu???Itulah yg den lupo nak amik???

Anyone who followed me thru twitter knew how much I suffered yesterday.

This is not my first time facing this. The first time when Adam was 3 mos, breast dah engorged, but time tu no power supply. Time Adam jgak, masa belum dapat mini-E, the whole the day I was at UM and did not bring the spectra pump. Adeh sakit macam nak menjerit!! Again after almost 3years experience, I decided to manual pump out the breast milk. 

The 5oz milk managed to be expressed out!
Kurang sket sakit!

Balik keje, Mr Hubby helped to bring that part. 
Alhamdulillah, at least ada fs boleh direct pump dalam keta. ;)

Again, thanks Nadine for remind me to google for marmet technique. Tho it was after I expressed out manually, I'm still wonder how's the technique all about. Sebelum ni pernah dengar and baca sekilas pandang about this technique, tp tak sangka I have to face this things again. Mommies, have a look, mana tahu emergency, boleh try guna. After baca teknik marmet ni, actually lebih kurang with what  I did to manual pump the breastmilk yesterday. Happy reading gals!!


Draining the Milk Reservoirs

1. Position the thumb (above the nipple) and first two fingers (below the nipple) about 1” to 1–1/2” from the nipple, though not necessarily at the outer edges of the areola. Use this measurement as a guide, since breasts and areolas vary in size from one woman to another. Be sure the hand forms the letter “C” and the finger pads are at 6 and 12 o’clock in line with the nipple. Note the fingers are positioned so that the milk reservoirs lie beneath them. Avoid cupping the breast

2. Push straight into the chest wall
  • Avoid spreading the fingers apart.
  •  For large breasts, first lift and then push into the chest wall

3. Roll thumb and fingers forward at the same time. This rolling motion compresses and empties milk reservoirs without injuring sensitive breast tissue.

Note the position of thumb and fingernails during the finish roll as shown in the illustration.

4. Repeat rhythmically to completely drain reservoirs.
    ~~ Position, push, roll...repeat!

5. Rotate the thumb and fingers to milk other reservoirs, using both hands on each breast.

  Avoid These Motions

1. Do not squeeze the breast, as this can cause bruising.

2. Sliding hands over the breast may cause painful skin burns.

3. Avoid pulling the nipple which may result in tissue damage.

Credit to: 
 Marmet Technique copyright 1978, revised 1979, 1981 and 1988. Used with permission of Chele Marmet and the Lactation Institute, 1616 Ventura Blvd., Suite 223, Encino, California 91436

ps: nape lah skrang ni selalu sgt lupa. I guess I hv gold fish memory syndrome kut. Sikit2 lupa!!


Unknown said...

huhu marmet tu mmg ala-ala penyelamat dikala mcm2 hal lah. tp kena tau jugak teknik sket2..sbb kalu taktau mudah giveup, breast pon tak kosong..yer dak??

hehe nadia, jom makan lecithin shaklee tuk kembalikan memori yg asek lost tu. sama mcm saya jugak dulu, selalu lupa..selalu rasa sekarang tidak lagi..dh boleh lebih fokus juga :D

Aty Adnan said...

kak nadiah, kalau Fs ni mmg senyap je ek? kiranya org x sedo pon kita tgh pump, gitu? fs mmg guna elektrik je ek? aty pakai mini e, amik masa jugop la...hasil pon x brp byk, mula2 2oz then 3oz now boleh 4oz...normal ke awal2 gini, tgk org lain skali pum boleh 8-10oz...mmg df bby x la rasa down sbb tahu susu pasti cukup utk baby...jeles tul tgk susu kak nadiah, manually pon still dpt 5oz...

kupih said...

gila gambo lucoh.. kopek bersepoh....wakakaka

mommynadia said...

tp yelah,we shud thanks the technology,kalau perah pakai tgn,mmg ak ramai working mother survive to exclusively bf kan!!

owh ye ke,shud get info bout that.bnyk menda nk ingat n bnyk benda mudah lupa skrng!

mommynadia said...

sriously, fs kua sket bunyi pada spectra but much slower compared to mini e.

kak nadia pakai mini e boleh dpt 8oz mase pntg skali pump for 1 side.kak nadia rs not bcos of pump.

aty bnyk df kan, so aty kena cr mase untuk tgh malam kerapkan pump from 12 to 6 morning. kalau bgn pagi after baby dah df,terus pump clearkan breast.
kalau aty mmg bnyk df,dpt 4oz skali pump shud b ok dah,as long aty kena kerapkan pumping for 1 day.maybe 3-4 times.for stock purpose.

goodluck darl!

mommynadia said...

kupih aka tok aji apih!,
disclaimer: this page is fully prohibited for tok aji!takut luruh iman kekgi..hehehehe ;)

Aty Adnan said...

ok..aty paham skang, kena kerap pump..yes more demand, more supply..

DiyaMama said...

I am also an FS user. Memang. Pernah tertinggal breastshield sekali, back caps sekali, bottle caps ... 2 kali kot. Now, I will make sure that I have assembled them all before leaving home to ensure that none is left behind.

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