Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 challenge!

Hi everyone..
Just after 1 week of 2011, I just get a right time to sit down and write an entry for 2011 opening..
* itupun bila Adam n papa tgh layan Barney inside the room..
Too many things to do at office for my next week program macam nak bernafas pun tak sempat..
* amboi poyo nye ayat itu..
But its so true for me,I never had experience organizing any big event before, handling many people and liaising with many vendors..betul buat rase 1 hari tu sgt penat..
* ouch ouch..selingan jap, baby doing karate inside my calm dear!!

We just said goodbye to 2010 and welcomed the new year 2011 ..
Kalau tgk kat blog skrang pun, everyone keep updating their 2011 resolutions..
I love to read their new resolutions, boleh tambah dalam resolutions sendiri as many of them really motivated me and inspired me in many ways...
Example when I read Nuurill's entry..about the time management!
Its so true..kalau kita boleh manage our time well, mmg bnyk boleh kita achieved kan..

Before year 2010 end, sempat jgak carik entry 2010 resolutions..
Boleh tgk apa yang dah achieve and mane yg tak bergerak ke ape..
So far Alhamdulillah..
Most of it is again about the time management..
I'm happy for myself walaupun I'm not doing it 100% perfect..but at least many of them ada improvement..
Eventho I can see a lil bit slow progress, at least bergerak jgak lah..
So hopefully this year boleh continue to improve..InsyaALLAH..

Overall for this 2011,I can see many challenges awating for me next..
Specially when I will be a mommy for 2 kids in another 3 more months..
With the commitment increased, time will be so constraint to us..
And to handle newborn with an active growing up kid..I really can see that both of us need to be extra extra patient!
Yang paling penting sentiasa kena doa Allah memudahkan segala urusan..
So that I can be a better person in many ways..InsyaAllah..

I have a lot of pending items to be update..
Hopefully I could fine a suitable time so that takde lah cite nanti jadik basi ek.
Time to sleep..Adam masih belum berjaya tidur  walaupun my hubby dah selamat dozzzzz!!
Nite nite...;)

p/s: plannye nak upload latest picture of myself at 24months (this week)..ntah mane plak hubby save..
tomorrow ek ;)

Here we go..
Myself at 23 months...
Sangat gemokkss!!
Last checkup my weight was at 61.5kg..3 more months to go..
Mesti boleh capai 68kg...huhuuhu ;)

This picture was taken by the amatur photographer..
Mr Adam Mikael..
KLCC 25th DEC 2010


mommaholicSURI said...

Let's improve it together babe!! :)

You, samala dengan i skrg ni. A lot to tell, tapi x banyak masa boleh dicuri to do that. (Eceh!).

hehehehe :)

Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you, too!
Hopefully this year, sumer resolutions kite bleh tercapai ;) tp yg paling penting, insyaAllah, target dpt 2nd baby this year akan tercapai.

Nadine said...

True, this year commitment meningkat, time management is very2 important. smoga kita sama2 berjaya uruskan career n rumahtangga seiring ye Nad...

Happy New Year!!

ummi_ziz said...

same with me, btmbh challenging u lg byk sbb keje kt ofis lg kn..good luck, dear!;)

Nway, u look great dear! comel jek i tgk ur bump! pandai Adam amek goyang pun!;)

mommynadia said...

InsyaAllah..kena make it happen!

Itulah..dah lama tak write blog..rindu sgt!

Airin, nak kumpul susu banyak2 ni ;)

babe, u skali dapat 2 nanti..mesti nak kena arrange properly..kalau tak kelamkabut kan?

good luck!

Seriously for me, kalau Nadia ni FTHW, mmg lagik kelamkabut..taklarat nak keja anak lagik masak lagik..
salute kak izu..

gmbr ni after dah bnyk kali try, br dapat yg ok sket..
sibbuk jugak dia nak pegang camera..

Thara said...

awww i can see the baby bump, i can see the baby bump! :) i suka baca your new year resolution. betol, all of us must improve ourself tang masa kan. kene lebeh pandai manage time, so we can do a lot of things!

here's to our new year! let's do it babe! :)

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