Monday, January 17, 2011

27 Months Old Adam Mikael

Both mommy and Adam were on MC today..hehehe ;)
I wasnt in good condition, feeling so tired and decided to get rest at home..
While Adam was having running nose since last week, and me.. decided to gv him mc too..;)
My hubby keep asking whether is a good idea to leave him with me..
Then I said..I need someone to accompany me..ahaks!!
As usual..Adam woke up early.. just gv me extra few hour to rest after Subuh..

And pagi2 dah mintak on tv.
Instead of Barney..mommy pasangkan Adam cite Up..
One of his fave movie..

As today is his 27th months birthday..
Mommy decided to belanja Adam makan McD..hehehehe..

Adam enjoyed his fave Big B'fast..
Lucky mommy order extra burger..
Kalau tak tgk je la jawabnye...

Dah abis Big B'fast..
Mintak roti and cheese plak..

And now at 3.30 pm, this cheeky boy still sleeping soundly after terrible moment for afternoon nap..
yeap..I said terrible since he no longer bfeed for about 4 days..
Susahnye nak suruh tidur....
Siap merajuk2 amik bag nursery konon nak lari pergi nursery..

I should join him now..
Since I need to charge myself too..
or else mommy pancit nak layan Adam after dia dah fully recharge..;(

Happy 27th Months Birthday Adam..
Mommy and papa love u so much...


Anonymous said...

happy birthday son...


Mek Rose said...

dah besar da...nad ade YM tak?

mommaholicSURI said...

Adam dah fully weaning off ek dear?
Patutla dia merajuk.
"Siap merajuk2 amik bag nursery konon nak lari pergi nursery". Hihihi mesti comel jek masa merajuk tu :)

May Adam grows healthier and be a good boy kay :)

ummi_ziz said...

Olor ciannya..smpi nak lari gi nursery ekk Adam! so cheeky pe, Adam dh 2thn, nti ada adik nti mommy plan nk tandem nursing kn? ;)

Happy 27 mos, handsome boy! :)

Nadine said...

Sukanya tgk Adam selera makan! Dia mmg x pernah hilang selera eh Nad? Faaz skang makan ikut mood. He's so picky! pening kepala ok..huhu

Happy 27th Months Adam. Big boy oredi :)

mommynadia said...

Sorry..Nadia jrg2 sgt YM or MSN..
If you need to know anythings..
drop me email to ya!!

InysaAllah kali ni real punye..
dulu asyik sbt wean off, tp asyikfail aje..kali ni dah nak masuk 1 week..
both mommy and Adam need to be strong..mentally and physically ...hehehehe ;)

A'a Izu..angkut bag nangis2 depan pintu..geram tp nak gelak pun ada..
makin dekat nak b'salin ni..makin manja Adam ni...

A'a..same goes to Adam..sometimes a lil bit picky!
kalau roti, telur,cheese hotdog..memang laju..
tp bila bagi nasi..memilih..
Dia nak yg I masak je tau!
tension!!nak tak nak..mommy kena turun gelanggang..hehehe

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