Monday, June 7, 2010

Dry Drowning ~ Precaution for children!!

Hi everyone..
Happy Monday..I guess mesti ramai yg bercuti these 2
Maklumlah school holidays..sebbok kenduri kendara plus ramai yg cuti2 Malaysia kan..;)
Last weekend such a bz weekend..
On Saturday, we had attended Aydein's 1st birthday bash (Thara's lil prince)..
Mmg best, such a wonderful party and able to meet all the blogger frenz..
Probably tomorrow I will try to post the entry..;)
Since my mother pun tak sabar nak tgk picture2 commey hensem2 boys of the blogger mommies..
*my mother is a good follower blog2 dalam my fave's tau..almost semua anak2 you all, she used to familiar..;)
Before that, I wish to post this entry for me is super important to remind all mommies out there..
Yesterday I was in front of tv watching the Oprah show at NTV7..
I think this episode pun bukan yg latest..
but the issue which I'm going to hilite here mmg I tak all!!

It was the Dr Oz segment, when a mother hilite about her 10 years old child,Johnny who died due to dry drowning..pernah dengar dry!!
How it happened??
Ok let me per what I understand from the Oz explaination..
Johnny went to swimming pool on that day..and at one point he got some water into his lungs..
this happened bila Johnny tersedut air masuk through his nose, so the water straight away goes to the lungs..
But it will be different kalau masuk ikut mulut tau..cause it wont probably goes to ur lungs..
At our lungs, there is foam material (covered the whole lung) which use to protect our lungs..
So what happened bila air masuk thru the nose and goes to the lungs, it removes all the foam material and caused the lungs not able to pump enough lungs became smaller in size!
It rarely happened to adult, sb when we have difficulty to breath,we can trigger people nearest to us..
But for the small kids, they wont able to explained when they have difficulty in breathing..

How to detect, the dr said, those kids facing the problem, they will show some signs ..
3 signs : difficulty in beathing, extreme tiredness and changes in behaviour (kes Johnny tu dia suddenly pooped..without his control)..

Worse case..from the article also state that it ,might happened during bath ..
Then back to Johnny case, after 1 hour get out from the pool..
They went back home and Johnny falls asleep after taking bath..
Half an hour later, the mother found the spongy material at his mouth and nose and they immediately sent Johnny to hospital..
But it was too late..Johnny had drowned and pssed away before they able to get the medical help!

So this morning I tried to goggle to find more info about this..
Actually the tragedy happened on 2008..

yeap..I was so worried sb everytime I bring Adam to swimming pool..
Adam suka sangat masukkan air dalam mulut..
And sb his not yet able to float himself..I used to carry him inside the pool..
try to float him in the water..
Risau jgak kan kalau2 I masuk dalam hidung tak sedar...
It might be a rare case..but its good to take some precautions..
So that we can avoid the tragedy to happen to our lil precious..
And if it is happened to least we know what action we should take..
Immediately send to hospital..!

More info about dry drowning can be archieved from here...
*more on medical explaination

Sharing is Caring ..
by fabulous motherhood...;)


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...


Farah said...

erk bahayanye!! thanks for sharing this info..i tak sangka plak ade kes macam ni..and it happened to 10 yrs old plak tu..kire dah besor jugakla kan.

Nadine said...

yes dear, thanks a lot for sharing. Dahla recently Faaz started out his new behaviour - hirup air pool. risaunya bila baca ni..huhu. mmg kena alert lah pasni. prevention is better than cure ;)

p.s: your mom baca all the blogs. wow!! My mom baca my blog takat tgk gamba2 Faaz bolehla :)

mommynadia said...

ye lah..;)

ye la, sb masa tgk tv tu..I pun almost nganga sb fact i read more articles about this, many parents started to worry..sebelum ni ramai yg tak sedar..its good for us to know kan..;)

mommynadia said...

yeap,sb case anak2 kita dah starts suka hirup air pool lah..I post this entry..mmg nak kena carefull kan..hishhish..;)

a'a..kalau u ol update,surely my mom akan tgk gmbr lah..sebab anak2 korang yg chommey2 n chubby tu ;)

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