Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anmum Salutes Dads Contest !!!!

Mommies n peeps!
...I got something interesting here...
Cool contest is in the air ;)

get it from here...

Its Anmum contest..

Besides being so excited to participate in this contest...
I also found many goods info from this website...
specially when I'm still googling all info about potty training..;)

Just nominate ur hubby, or ur dad...
or someone u think deserve this reward!
and write about 15words slogan...
We stand chance to win cool gadget on weekly basis!
Ape plak gadget nak bg..
tu tanda tnya???? hah prizes dia..
ok lah kan ;)

Register or Log in..
n participate...

ni form to fill up..
easy peasy..


I pun baru nak fill up form...
Jom ...mane tahu rezeki kita kali ini... hubby ;)
Lets try...:)


zahira said... too like to join the contest. tp bila kena letak slogan tu yg malas skit, hahaha...

alinalan said...

Good luck dear!
Salam perkenalan

mommynadia said...

Nadia sokmonye semanagt yg lebey..ending not hntr pun!! ada masa boleh submit!

Salam kenal momma mia ;)
u hve nice blog too..
happy bfeeding ;)

owh..tqtq..harap hasil join contest kali ini berjaya huhuhu!

Nadine said...

Kan I dh kata you ni rajin! :)

I kan kalau contest ade slogan2 nie adeh, mmg malaaaaaas sgt. Hihi.

anyway, goodluck Nadia! ;)

mommynadia said...

tang blogging2 ni mmg rajin..
tp bab lain..huh..tanya my hubby!

tp I tak hntr lagi nad..baru tgk baca2 TnC and quest2nye..;)


alinalan said...

mommy nadia, jemput tgk comment box yer. Alin dah reply ttg ebm tuh.

caiyok2 to ur sister!!

mommynadia said...

owh thanks..
nanti i visit ur page..thnx dear for prompt reply!

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