Friday, May 14, 2010

outdoor activity's protections for toddlers..

happy fridays!
So ape plan weekend ni?

We going to have a family day for my section at bukit cerakah,shah alam..
Well, its going to be a good activity, to get to know each other..
But I get worry when this would be the 1st time Adam will be under the sun from morning till evening...
In fact its gonna be at pool side activity (including the swimming pool area too)...;0
mmg risau sgt..Adam mmg tak boleh sgt tgk swimming pool..mcm lah elak drp berendam the whole day??

I have go thru  few articles bout the outdoor activity's protection..
But mainly suggested to get protection of the sunscreen and mosquitoes repellent (sb kat dalam hutan kan!)

Most of the important things to take notes is:
  • Stay in the shade between 11 am and 3 pm
  • Make sure you never burn  
  • Always cover up with a t-shirt, wide brimmed or Legionnaire's-type hat and sunglasses
  • Remember to take extra care with children
  • Then use factor 15+ sunscreen
Here are some points to bear in mind whilst using sunscreen.  
  • Choose a sunscreen that is water resistant and check the "use by" date on the bottle.
  • Always apply the product 15- 30 minutes before you go into the sun so your skin has time to absorb the product, and reapply once you get outside.
  • Apply the sunscreen to clean, dry, skin and only rub it in very lightly.
  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours, or more frequently if washed, rubbed, or sweated off.
  • It's fine to use a 'children's' or 'baby's' sunscreen, but you don't need to go out of your way to buy one since they're usually no different from the adult products.
  • You don't need to use expensive brands - the cheaper brands are just as effective if they are used properly.
Details can get from here :

And for mosquitoes repellent, some of the recommendations to use :
  • Do not apply to infants under two months of age. (Skin permeability becomes similar to adult by the second month of life.)
  • Read and follow all directions and precautions on the product label.
  • Do not apply over cuts, wounds or irritated skin.
  • Do not apply to young children's hands or near eyes or mouth.
  • Do not allow young children to apply products themselves.
  • Use just enough to cover the exposed skin and/or clothing.
  • Do not use under clothing.
  • Avoid over-application.
  • After returning indoors, wash treated skin with soap and water.
  • Wash treated clothing before wearing again.
  • Do not use spray solutions in enclosed areas or near food.
  • For use on face, apply to adult hands and then rub on face. Do not spray face. Avoid areas around eyes and mouth.
You can get more info from here :,,3q5n,00.html#ixzz0nsKzvDxQ

I just hv a few brands in my mind currently..

mostly yg selalu tgk kat mothercare...but for mosquitoes repellent tu tak pernah plak tgk spray type,only a cream type one..
and maybe kena survey at Guardians or Caring pharmacy too..
So during Friday's prayer nih nak kena g beli..huhuhu...
Well, I'm thinking of a cap from mothercare too..
hehe..kalau Adam pakai beach short with cap and sunglasses..hahaha.. ala2 hj bakhil gtu..kihkihkih ;)

InsyaAllah, next entry I will share some info of the preparation for outdoors and donts!
till then..happy weekends!


Nadine said...

Nadia, for the mosquitoes repellent cuba try pureen rekito. masa denggi menjadi2 dulu mmg diaorg promote this product (

happy berfamily day dear! :)

mommynadia said...

ala nad,
I dah beli brand chicco for mosquitoes mmg takde idea brand ape..kebetulan ada voucher beli aje ape yg ada kat ctu..which is chicco!
tp kat ctu ada brand pureen tp tak nmpk plak pureen rekito ;)

Unknown said...

nadia, betul ckp nadine. airin guna pureen rekito - spray type utk lissa. mmg promoted during this dengue season.
for sunscreen, airin baru je beli nivea for baby & kids. ade je jual kat guardian.not bad.
oh btw, picnic2 bersama ur lady boss ke? bestnye korang..!tu untungnye dpt boss pompuan. slalu ade plan other than work work.. jamuan la, picnic la..

mommynadia said...

tu lah,i should plan earlier..mesti cr rekito jgak kalau tak!
btw,the chicco repellent tu not bad..bau best jgak!
sunscreen i bought 1 from mothercare..

biasalah..bnayk activity takde boring sgt kan!
best jgak smlm but totally exhausted!nanti update entry..;)

Nadine said...

Nad, issokay. I saje je suggest in case u have no idea kn. Itu je pun I tau :)) Didn't know Chico also was it? and how's the family day? Im sure u guys have so much fun.

Sila blog about it pliss :)

mommynadia said...

appreciate ur idea Nadine..
but well chicco works well to him and I luv the smell..its the indian lilac but almost like lemongrass and ubat panas sakit perut tu hehehe!

its fun but you know lah kan..panas and humide,Adam having hi fever after went back...
and now dah nak ruam..huhuh..

I will blog it InsyaAllah..;)

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