Monday, May 24, 2010

Potty Train Part 1 :Is my child ready for potty train??

Another 5months before Adam turns 2!
Basicly in 19months development, the expert suggest for potty training..:)weeee..!
Actually there is no exact age, when our child will start to use the potty themselves..
But it is suggest that toddlers will develop the necessary physical and cognitive skills between 18 and 24 months of age (though some aren't ready to start until they're as old as four).

So as Adam heading towards 2, mommy pun dah nak slow start train Adam for potty!
Takut terlambat plak mcm tooth brushing last time ..huhuhu ;(
At least, this few months, just make him familiar with the potty ..
then after  that boleh lah teach how to use the training pants plak..

Before that, I hv to ready myself with the knowledge on how to train him to potty!
A lots of articles in the internet, InsyaAllah I will share the best with you all..
And not to forget the journey to potty train my lil Adam..

Lets start with the checklist from Babycentre to check whether our liltle kid dah ready or not for potty train ;)
But, we don't have to wait until we've checked off every item to start training; rather, look for a general trend toward independence and an understanding of what it means to go to the bathroom like a grown-up.

Your child may be ready to start potty training if she:

• Has regular, soft, formed bowel movements --- not sure ;(

• Can pull her pants up and down --- not yet

• Imitates others' bathroom habits (likes to watch you go to the bathroom, wants to wear underwear, and so on) --- checked!

• Makes a physical demonstration when she's having a bowel movement (such as grunting, squatting, or telling you) --- yeap! normally bila dia poopoo dia akan tutup hidung and tells us sign of smelly2..

• Has words for stool and urine ---checked, poo poo and wee wee

• Can follow simple instructions (such as "Give me the toy.") --- checked

• Understands the physical signals that mean she has to go and can tell you before it happens --- not yet
• Dislikes the feeling of being in a dirty nappy --- yeap when he pooped

• Has "dry" periods of at least three or four hours (this shows her bladder muscles are developed enough to hold her urine in and store it) --- not sure

• Understands the value of putting things where they belong  ---somtimes, he used to keep the things at right place

• Demonstrates a desire for independence --- not yet

• Can walk and sit down  --- totally yes!

I have start surveying the suitable potty train for toddlers and training pant for him too..
next entry InsyaAllah I will share more info about this..
For those who successfully potty train ur kids ..(specially at early age of 2)..
Sangat2 dialukan good comments from u all..
till then...happy monday!


Unknown said...

Go go Adam! nanti dah tere, bleh demo utk Lissa plak ;) hehehe

Nadine said...

jap je Adam..approaching 2 years old oredi. Mommy takmo bg Adam kawan ke? hehehe...

All the best for the potty training dear. Share with us eh, nnti boleh I refer sini when the time comes for my lil boy :)

zahira said...

nanti bila time ziqri boleh la rfr sini ;-)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Huhu br je lps potty-train my 1st lme lg nk kne PT adik dia plak..hehe

tk pe Nadia, Adam dh bley dh tuu.;)

mommynadia said...

hehe..boley2..risau tgk size potty yg cute2 aje sizenye..takut tak muat dgn anak teruna ku ini..
nanti Lissa plak..;)

a'a..cepatnye..dah nak msk 2yrs..kawan??bukan tknak bg Nad,takut berebut B nanti..mahu nanti Adam tolak aje kepala adik dia..
hehe..takpe Adam pun tgh tgu baby che mimi nak kuar..maybe boy jgak!so ada kawan dah ;)

yeap,InsyaAllah..ideas from those experienced,lagi mudah nak potty training nanti..

mommynadia said...

InsyaAllah..nadia plan nak post entry ni till Adam dah success potty train!
nanti Ziqri pun boleh refer jgak kan ;)

ur 1st doter dah umur bp?
1st u start cm ?share sket bleh..?
currently tgk nak survey potty yg sesuai and tgh ajar ensure he knows bila nk sebut wee wee and poopoo..
Izu,bila time sesuai nak bg training pant?

Mrs. Ishamizu said...


my 1st doter nk msk 4thn dh bln 9 ni..izu start PT dia bln 11 thn lps..lmbt sbb masa dia umo 1thn 7bln izu expect 2nd bby..tu yg postpone skrg ni dh almost diaper advantage nya PT masa dia dh bsr, tk delah ssg sgt sbb dia dh fhm arahan n dh pndi ckp..:D

Klu tk slp izu, izu pnh baca kt bbycenter uk, katanya toddler by 1 yr n half dh bley PT tp depend jgk la ngan toddler tu seniri n keadaan kte..

May be Adam dh bley..Izu pn tk lme lg nk train Iris plak..;)Izu tk pnh cuba or bli lg training pants tu..hihi..klu Nadia bli, nti wat review ye!

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