Monday, December 21, 2009

2nd friday's holiday..Adam was unwell..:(

Adam was unwell since friday till today..and we were taking leave to monitor him closely..he was only had mild fever on fri and sat but on sunday the fever getting higher..the temperature keep fluctuating and it really scared us..

so yesterday we went to DEMC again and the physician took the blood test..everythings seems ok only might have a lil Adam was given extra medication..antibiotic ..he was gud at taking the medc actually, but maybe it already a week (started flu n cough last week..), he tend to get bored and cried everytime mommy showed the syringe..

yeah,almost 3 days of this weekend spent at home, just on friday we went to banting ..Adam helped to fix X'mas tree for his grandfather..(will udpate this entry soon..) and on saturday and sunday duk ulang alik to demc..

yeap he still active on saturday during 1st visit at demc..playing and laughing..but yet still a lil bit passive..

here is some of the story happended on saturday morning..
he was palying while watching the tv..until..

Adam was looking at sumthing ..sampai terduduk..

                                       "OMG..papa will start to do his weekly routine..aiyoo.."

..Adam suddenly became a very gud boy..even try to focus at the book..
guess what...?

haha..he scared of the vacuum cleaner..since he was small..
not trying to takut2kan dia..even somtim we tried to make him takut jugak..
papa pun jahat saje kacau Adam..
                            yeap..he stayed calmly on the bed till his papa done..and luckly he was sleepy too..

                              took his afternoon nap..while mommy run to kitchen for lunch preparation..

having lunch with chicken soup porridge..after 1 hour nap..

so happy..even still with mild fever..

playing..sambil mommy suap bubur..

my 2 malas boys..golek2 after lunch..hish!Adam was still at mild fever on Sunday morning..we went out for quick bfast at dunkin donut seksyen 13..mommy craving again for sandwiches..
actually time preggy dulu almost every weekeend mmg nak makan ni jer..specially time morning I tried suapkan Adam too,he must be familiar with this taste..haha I gussed..

chicken slice for me..

smoked chic breast for papa..

and this was him..with coldfever all the time tepek at dahi dia..sian anak mommy!..
hope he will be gud tomrrow..I'm scared to send him to nursery, ye lah worry they didnt follow the schedule for medc..and not measure the temp closely..
this time dia mmg nak kita duduk dekat dia jer..bnyk feeding..another reason I dont want to send him to nursery..if tomorrow still not ok, we will send him to see his paed at UMSC..
oh yea..he was 14months old on 17 Dec ago and Adam got his new tooth..i tot the reason he got this fever..
not sure yet ..go to work or not..;(


mommaholicSURI said...

comel giler Adam duduk diam diam. Hahahaha. kelakarla Adam nih..:)

mommaholicSURI said...

Owh Owh by the way, Get well soon, Adam :)

mommynadia said...

a'a Nuurill..once dah start crawling n jalan,susah dah nak dapat duduk diam2 camtu..hehe..
Adam dah ok sket..but still under monitoring status..huhu:)..

maniscinta said...

OWHH...adam pakai topi ya-a-auu-..wassupp-wassuupp yo!!..awak beli ke to[i tu...hihihi..kalo saya suh beli ari tu leh jadi ya-a-auuu same2 ngan eimran.

adam demam tumbuh gigi baru...siap la torpedo mummy.!! beware!!

yah..berat adam bape skang?? mok lagi...sejok azali mok....:P

Thara said...

aww poor baby..
aydein pon baru catch cold from his mama + papa.
i la originally pembawa virus. pastu berjangkit dkt my husband. skarang both of us dah recover, terjangkit dkt si kecik tu pulak. kesian betol.
its heart breaking to see him sleeping uncomfortably bcoz of his blocked nose. like, he pusing sini tak kena, he pusing sana pon tak kena. sighs. i hope i can take it all from him. i risau die jadik terok mcm dulu. his flu was so bad last time, sampai kene pakai sucker to suck the mucous out from him! really kesian. sampai dia trauma skejap after that. asal tersentuh hidung dia je, misti die menangis punya! :( :(

but anyways. get well soon adam. pls do monitor him constantly! fever-fever in babies ni bahaya lah. :(

mommynadia said...

Ibu Aimy..
tu lah kalau Eimran beli jgak boley jd 2phat..haha..
thats why,skrang kalau tak focus sket kat dia,dia ngap teros!skt giler...
Adam now 11.5 kg..sehhat..bkan mok:(

pity aydein.. sedih bile noseblocked,not only tido tak selesa..nk feeding pun tak comfy..nyot2 sket..kena tarik nafas..then cntnue balik..
n'way get well soon Aydein..!

Anonymous said...

wish adam to get well soon...

*from papa...

mommynadia said...

orait papa!!..sebok lah mr hubby ni nak interframe plak..:P

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