Thursday, December 17, 2009

holiday's activity..time for the dolphin show...

yeapyeap..we were at the dolphins and sea lions show at sunway pyramid on last friday..during cuti Sultan'Selangor Birthday..
It was only 45 min show,but yet we were so happy since the show was exciting..haha..of course mommy n papa happy lebih sket since we have to pay for the ticket..kid below 3y is free..

we arrived there after fridays prayer, yet still managed to get the tic at 5pm..they added the show times during public holidays..we were lucky during that time not so many tak de lah panas sangat..n spec not crowded!

since we've been there during afternoon, Adam tak sempat nak afternoon nap lagi..we were so worried takut nanti dia tak comfy during the show...yeap, he was crying at the beginning, and Alhamdulillah..when the dolphins started the show, he seemed to enjoy the show up to the end..

of course the dolphins were so clever..they can follow all the instructions given by the trainer..the trainers are Indons, so we tot the two dolph must speak Indon too..haha..the dolph rs nye baby dolph je kut..coz looked at the size..not as we always seen at tv..but overall is enjoyable..

here some of the pix, we took more videos rather than pic, but yet still got some for ur viewing..

haha..after the show end, Adam collapsed..sian tired sgt lah ni..
I think the show till galz..bring ur family..
we were so happy since this is our 1st time to watch the show..wit or lil one..;)
since Adam pun dah fall asleep..mommy n papa took that time merayap kat sunway pyramid..

I feel craving for some sweet we decided to take our desserts at zen's cafe..the cake was the same from secret recipes..but yet the triffle was superb..mommy just gv a spoon to papa..the rest was mine..hahaha..

                                                            the strawberry triffle for me

                                                   and America cheese cake for dear papa..

not end there..papa volunteered to bring us to kl on that nite..konon nak amik angin malam..bak ayat papa.."lets paint the night red mommy.."..mommy alwys replied..dah tue2 sedar we went to the Pavillion..
Ape lagi Adam tunjuk skill dia lah jalan2 at pav walk..(yeap Adam was still at licence P)

                                                                  a walk to remember..



Adam show his skill...
End of the 1st friday's story..3 more fridays to go..hope to update more things..
till then...


mommaholicSURI said...

Geram tgk pipi adam tau!!! :)

Thara said...

haha. adam is SO chomelssss! geram tgk dia. semangat je badan! grrrr :D

eh dah sampai sunway, nape tak singgah rumah i. im staying just opposite the sunway pyramid tau ;)

mommynadia said...

ni dah 14mnths,dah surut sket pipi dia..dulu2 lg bulat tak ingat..!

semangat..dah 11.5kg..huhu..mommy's dumbell..
ooo..u stay kat situ ke..tot u duk area cyberjaya sn..kalau tahu singgah dinner sane yerk..;)

maniscinta said...

yah..taktau plop kat sunway ade dolfin skang nie..
best jugak ni ajak anak2 buah pi tengok ramai2...heheh..
anywayss...adam dah bole jalan ekk?? dah bole berlari blom?? can't wait to see u this weekend darling!!!

mommynadia said...

a'a front of sunway lagoon..dia buka khemah ctu..ala2 circus gtu..g ah..bdak2 mesti suke..
Adam bole dah jalan..lesen P yg demam ni..confem la smula wit other lamprz..cant wait to c u too..:)

Nick Josh Karean said...

Yes, they are indeed amazing far cousins of ours. Wonderful creatures, intelligent and simply beautiful, but here's where I spoil all the fun... :-)

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1. Marine Aqua Parks

2. Circuses and Animals in Entertainment

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