Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Wow..hehe lawak plak rasenyer,suddenly I got time to write my blog..(curi2 time kat office jap :P)before this, dah bnyak kali i tell my close frenz,my sis and spec my hubby..i want to hv my own blog..pity me..kena gelak jer..dah tahu fb friendster..pun tak update..
actually reason behind, dkt office nadia..blog jer boleh bukak..yg lain fb, friendster semuanyer kena block..malas nak bw b/band..kat umah dah tak sempat..
so hopefully during lunch time boleh lah update sket2..n specially to my mom,siblings and frenz..yg selalu mintak latest pic Adam.. bolehla sneek peek kat cni..
Hopefully nadia committed sket kali ni..Wish me luck!
Till then..xoxo

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alynzz said...

hahaha..congratz my dear fren..finally u have ur own blog..it's not dat surprising for her to come up with a blog coz she's d only gal i knew dat have her own journal during our uni time...so enuf said...

juz wish dat diz project of urs is really a success, by that i mean not hangat2 ta** ayam...heheh

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