Wednesday, November 11, 2009

peekaboo of babywearing..


Just a quick updates..

Actually I've been very bz with some research (so called " "..huhuhu) of baby wearers after I received a call from Ibu Aimy couple of days ago..
Before this mmg selalu dah tgk orang pakai sling to carry their bb..include our close fren Ibu Aimy..tapi ntah lah bukan tak minat..cuma that time tak mayb for d next baby..I'Allah...
I used Baby Bjorn Air Carrier to carry Adam last time..but after 10months, it seems like the things not proper to support him anymore..thus we only used stroller all the time we go for shopp'..
tp tahu jer lah..after a while Adam will get bored and start crying..and that time papa will start to carry him..
After Ibu Aimy called and introduce mommy to few blogs and website,I finally realized there will be new solution for this..thanks Ibu ..mmuuuahhhsss...
Rite now I'm still reading all the gud info of ssc (soft structured baby carrier) and surf the brands in the market..
Maybe after this I can share the pro and cons of using this instead of my previous carrier..
Feel free to check out the websites..
I'm not sure why suddenly I can't attach d pics rite now,later at home I will do the final touch up..hehehe...

    Here we go..
    Adam in the carrier at 4 months..(ooopppss..tgn Adam kat ctu aje..)

    Soft structured baby carrier...boba


    maniscinta said...

    wah wah step ahead...meh le kite berbaby wearing ramai2.. ;)

    mommynadia said... dear c-fu..:)

    Hanis MY said...

    hi nadia..wahh dah ada blog..suka2..boleh la learn about parenthood here when i get preggy, how's study? dah bis? sorry la a bit ketinggalan, byk kena catch up ni hehe..

    mommynadia said...

    Hi Hanis..thnx for dropping by..
    saje2 tulis blog first nk update pic for my mother jer..then syok plak..
    nanti ada jgak plan nak masukkan info2 for motherhood..hehe..btw,suka tgk Hanis kt Japan..k lah ..xoxo..

    alynzz said...

    ayeen nati no need to do research dah..i have too many gurus available already..hehe

    mommynadia said...

    Lin..gurus with different mazhab..choose one..!

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