Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 years young!

The big brother Adam Mikael has just turned 5 years on last 17th October.
Seriously, my eldest son is already  5 years, macam tak caya.
Cepat sgt mase berlalu, following years nak sekolah rendah plak.
Owh mommy masih perasan muda. lol!

We did not planned any birthday bash for him this year. Obviously his early birthday present few days before his big day, has just really made him smile and be the most happiest kid on earth! =)

A short trip to JB and Legoland Malaysia..
*tiap-tiap berzikir tepi telinga, skrng dah diam*
Will share more story on our short vacay soon!

Yet, we still ordered a small cake for celebration at his school.
Tiap2 bulan duk tny bila turn b'day dia nak celebrate kat school. Nak tgu bulan 10, penat tengok kawan2 je bawak cake and party pack haha. Kids!

This year theme is Disney Planes!
Instead of edible image, we decided to put the plane itself on cake!

Unfortunately, the birthday boy was unwell on his big day.
He got ear infection and lacked sleep on the night of his birthday. 
Hubs even took him to emergency at 3am too! Pity boy!
So, we just brought cake to school the next morning, had simple cake cutting and sent him again to clinic for further check up.

Unwell birthday boy with his lil brother who was so eager to eat cake since the night we collected the cake!
Owh Ryan! Mommy knew you not sleep well too that night!
Celik mata terus tny cake! Ryan Ryan!!

2 planes on the small cake! That not the original plan.
Ryan suruh letak dia punya plane jgak!
Nah sesak ok track..layan kan aje.

Again, thanks Ana from Heavenly Slice for this lovely cake.
Dah tahun kelima order dengan dia. Baker rasmi keluarga lah hahaha =)

Celebrated with his group mate..

Recite doa makan..

Little things inside the party pack..

Just a small celebration, pity the boy not really enjoyed the day..
Had medicine and sleep all day.
And he had enuff rest the whole weekend. 
Alhamdulillah getting better now.

Adam Mikael,
Mommy and papa are so proud to have you..
You such a genius child. Although sometimes, u really turned mommy to green momster and papa to red angry bird, but we understood, its part of your growth.
We pray everyday u will be a good and genius Muslim boy, a good child to mommy and papa, a responsible brother to your lil brother Ryan (walaupun dia suka sgt usik kamu!) and good boy to everyone!
May you grow healthier and enjoy your fun learning..

We love you so much Muhammad Adam Mikael..


Unknown said...

Adam is so handsome! Lamanyaaaa tak jumpa this little munchkin and his mommy! Belated birthday, little one! <3

ZuLaiShah said...

Happy birthday Adam! Cantik birthday cake tu :D

Lina said...

happy birthday adam mikael... :)

Mummydearie said...

Cute boy Adam! Happy belated birthday!

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