Friday, September 14, 2012

My First Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh Scented Experience ...

Still remember my previous post about the received surprise? I was so excited to know what was inside that small IKEA box, thus I brought the box straight away to my car and immediately open *nak tgu balik keje lambat sgt kut*. Yes, I took a deep breath and sniffed before and after opened. Want to know what inside the box??

It was a scented bath roll tissue..
Puzzled?? Same here. I was stumbled in the beginning to see few rolls of bath tissues nicely placed inside the box with the label "scented bath tissue". Seriously?? But when I took a roll tissue and sniffed, a'a lah..wangiiinye!!
Very light and pleasant smell. Awesome =)

I've been using the Kleenex® tissue for my house since ever. But never come to cross my mind, they will have this new revolutionary bathroom tissue for our home which combining the best of comfort, softness and luxury in one fragrant package. This new invention is first time ever brought to Malaysia by Kimberly-Clark. Thumbs up!

Ok, let me tell you why this tissue is so special. Despite of scented with natural smell, this tissue which designed with emboss subtle flower is being ultra soft, strong and more absorbent compare with other toilet tissue in the market. Its 3-ply formulation is strong even when wet, giving  gentle yet effective care for the whole family. So, now forget about toilet tissue keras yang supply kat office toilet or at shopping complex toilet, *in case kalau tissue toilet rumah pun pakai yg tu O.o*, u guys really should try this. 

Having a small apartment with less ventilation spaces, it make me so particular about putting all the scented things at every corner of the house. Regardless of spray type, or scented candle, automatic spraying air freshener etc etc, I have them at every corner of my house. And of course, tak ketinggalan, the bathrooms too. Specially the guest bathroom. Extra care as it was seldomly being used.

Living room..
*able to spot the freshener??*


As being the bathroom as well..

So, with this great innovation, I don't need to spend more money to ensure my bathroom in great condition.   Just ensure to place up the roll when it finished. No more worry to check the battery in case the auto-spray air freshener stop functioning. *normally did when we know the guest want to use bathroom, its too late already LOL* For us as well, when come to daily bussiness, udara nyaman and tenang, much more better right! With the few rolls I have with me, I started to place them at my 2 bathrooms. I'm so in love with the smell now. 

In the master bedroom toilet..

Since the tissue came with nice design and smell, I tried to place them at other area of my house too, so that it can be easy to use and help to refresh the air too..

On top of our shoes cabinet..
So when the kids urgently need to use the tissue paper, its ready to be used!

Inside my bedroom, my make up wardrobe and hahaha, bring it one roll to my office as well. Replacing with the office toilet tissue we have now. 

And now, being a kiasu person, everytime I went back from office, the first thing first  when open the door, I sniffed deeply to smell the house. Can't believe it, its working. Tak pernah terpikir, just with a few rolls of tissue paper at house, it helps to refresh the air. Walla! 

You should try to believe it!

Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh is available at all hypermarkets in 10-roll and 20-roll packs, at a recommended retail price of RM17.95 and RM33.10 respectively. Be sure to update your grocery shopping list with this tissue rolls too =)

Speaking of which, concerning about to have a nice bathroom environment, Kleenex is taking that fresh bathroom experience one step further with the Kleenex® Refresh Your Bathroom”  contest starting this month of September 2012. Just visit their Kleenex Malaysia Facebook Page and you can be in the running to win Grand Prizes worth more than RM40,000 in total. The best thing, the prize consisting of a professional bathroom makeover worth RM10,000 with a full year’s supply of the brand new scented Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh bath tissues and a spread in Parenthood magazine. Easy peasy, all you need to do is to write a short entry why you need a “bathroom refresh” by Kleenex® at their facebook page.

Visit here for contest submission!

Soon, this gonna be at your own house too, who knows right!!
*ok now, I should start to make a good words too...mana tahu menang kan!!*

Good luck lovelies!!

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