Friday, September 7, 2012

macy oh macy !!! : Part 2

Anyone interested to know continue of my macy oh macy story???

I don't have mood to continue writing about macy's story actually, but thinking what they have done to me, maybe this story can be used as reference for new buyer at macy. I don't think they really bother about my writing here, since my blog pun bukan femes sgt to be at the first rank of searching engine and its hard actually to search about macy since everytime you google, you will find more story and images of Macy Gray instead. LOL ;)

Pakai celebrity lah sangat yer...

Back to the story about macy. My last update during part 1, when the customer complaint section should update me on the status of available dining set with my required size, the length to be exact. And, if I prefer to get the display set of the same model (Carolina), she should update me the outlets which available with this set to be viewed. But until 5.30 pm and Thursday was the last day before Merdeka holiday, I still did not get the feedback. I don't have update on which outlet I need to go, and which model/type are more or else similar with my purchased dining set. That evening also, I decided to make survey at IKEA, and thank you for those blog readers/ twitters who suggested me with idea to solved this problem. After discussed with hubs, we decided to get our 'hak'. Perjuangkan hak sehingga dapat!! Just imagine if I want to refund the whole money, I need to wait min of 14 working days. Again, apa yang akan berlaku in between, no one knows. Hubs suggested not to take another risks. So that evening, instead of heading to IKEA, we diverted to USJ Taipan, the first place that I knew with the display set of Carolina Dining set.

If you're wondering the dining set that I've been talking about!!
The Carolina set..

But, we are not so lucky enough, the display set has been sold out too. Explained the problem that I faced to the helpful Kak Siti was the right thing that I would never imagine could solved my problem. Just by making a few phone calls, she managed to know where the available display set of that model. I wonder how come the customer service, who in-charge the customer complaints, took almost half a day to get feedback from the outlets, but still cannot get the available stocks and feedback to me on that day. Such a lousy system u have! There were 2 place available with this set, IOI Mall Puchong *yes, I know about this place since the dining set was the one that I viewed on the day we purchased* and also at SACC Mall. She helped me to reserve the set and I planned to visit the 2 outlets on the next day.

Later that night also, I make call to macy IOI Mall Puchong and explained again problem I had. He was shocked as he said he did not get any feedback from the ware house/headquarters about this. He told me about the availability of the display set and asked me to visit the outlet on Saturday. Early in the morning on Saturday, we staright away moved to IOI Mall Puchong, as we thought that the place is bigger than other outlet, and if the display set is not convincing, I would have chance to view other set too. When we reached there, the person who spoke to me on the phone night before,approached me and apologized us as the display set has been cash-and-carried by other customer last night. Ok, fine. Anggap takde rezeki. *macamlah korang takde hp customer korang, sampai tak boleh make a simple phone call to show your concern!* And we decided to go to SACC to view the available chairs there. The good thing about all the problem we had, the new table still available on the system, and the display chairs available only at SACC. The macy staff at IOI Mall Puchong made call to SACC outlet and informed them that we will reviewing the set that evening.

After the Friday prayers *sanggup tunggu hubs dalam keta, sb lepas tu nak pergi raya plak*, we moved to SACC. The helpful staff helped us to view the whole set of dining table. Everything was in good condition, only the set has been there for more than 6 months. We checked all the items thoroughly, and decided to take the chairs. The staff at IOI Mall will helped to arrange with customer service on the delivery of the set.

Habuk tebal gila..

To be truth, when I  viewed the new set at IOI Mall, the whole set are as so pricey. We need to top up min of RM500 to get the cheapest set there. And furthermore, all the size of dining table mostly with 5feet length. We had no choice to agree with display set for chairs. I still remembered when the customer complaint centre who handle my case, she said, I would get more discount if I took display set. Ok, then. At least takde lah sakit hati sangat kan. But still, I have doubt on them with this refund issue. The set that I viewed at SACC offered the display set at RM1300, with normal price of RM2000++. Woweeee. I purchased the whole set at RM999 ++. Wonder how much they will refund me, or they will only ignore this small buyer and pushed us to take display set with that special price (purchased price), or I will need to refund all.

On Monday morning, I make a long email to customer service again. Malas nak make call, since I bukan reti nak bebel sgt bila dah dekat telefon. I told them, that I would not agreed with the display set if you not refund me for the display chairs I will receive. I did not pay for a display item. Even there is no sentence on the invoice saying that I might have chance to receive the display/clearence item depending on the availability of new stock. Kalau tak sumpah tak bayar and beli!!! Yesterday only, customer complaint people called me again and told me that they will refund me for 4% discount for the chairs. Since, the price purchased was already 51% discount, they cannot go further. Sakit hati tak. To be truth, I dah malas nak layan. Dapat RM45++ pun, takpelah. All I need to know is, the dining set will reach at my place on Friday (which is today) during Friday prayers. Kalau tak bawak balik lah, memang cancel terus.

As of now, when u reading this entry, the dining set was safely arrived at my apartment. Everything in good condition, tinggal kerusi berhabuk tu, tak reti nak tolong lap ke??Apelah korang!!! You're so lucky to deal with a small customer with purchase only RM1100++. Tak heran langsung kan. Nak make more noise pun, no one will care. But at least, kisah ni boleh dijadikan pengajaran. Menyesal, tak tahulah. But for time being, I might stop a lil while from visiting macy *padahal dah sign up members* wait until marah tu reda. But I will wait and see, when I will be receiving my refund. If you give the macy voucher, siap korang!!!Hahahaha....


CHeeSYaNa said...

Hi.. im stumble upon ur blog sbb google about Macy..I just purchase the Allaska dining set and lepas delivery man tu balik baru perasan ada crack sikit kat meja tu.. So, now, im crossing my finger, hopefully, they able to replace the table.. even hubs already signed the delivery order :(

mommyNadia said...

Hi Cheesyana,
hehe,at least u can find this entry from google search..good enuff, tq ;)

Hopefully they agreed to exchange, but yet, they need to concider the stock they have.Kalau stock zero,lamalah nak tgu..good luck babe!

Nor Arinee Mat Saaud said...

hi there,

fight for your right dear. kita org Malaysia specially org melayu ni ramai yg nak jaga budi bahasa then let it be je ape penjual buat kat kita...naik lemakla mereka..fight sampai puas hati..make it worth every penny u spend.

Unknown said...

you know what, nadia. I've had enough with Macy! memang sakit hati, sampai tak terblog about it tau.
You know, all curtains in our house right now are from Macy. We came to Macy IOI Puchong and amazed with the offer. plus kain2 dia mmg cantik and high quality. the sales person yg attend us told us to come back with measurements for all windows and sliding door yg we all nak order for curtains. bila dah datang balik everything looks sooo good. wait til the delivery!
the delivery guys datang and install the curtains were quite helpful. and when it came to our Roman Blind for kitchen....guess what? wide of the curtain too lebar and length too short! they said they'll bring back to macy and they'll arrange for repair in order to fit our kitchen window.
after tunggu punye la lama, tak siap2 gak. last skali we all pegi sana, and they said they couldnt do it!! tension gile. diorg siap cakap lagi nape tak panggil Measuring team datang ukur? x tau pun ade org bley dtg n ukur for free. tension lagi!last2 i bawa balik, g try kat Macy SACC, still x bleh repair. a girl yg keje sana help me, arrange try hanta kat kawan dia. luckily it just cost us around rm100.. okla, dari burn terus tk bley pakai. so now, kalau pegi my kitchen, bleh la tengok our roman blind yg tak cukup kain plus tali dah putus bcos besi2 tu berat. :(
now, i tak g Macy lagi dah... pegi Nilai 3 je la kot next raya..hehehe

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