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Last Saturday, I have been invited by Nuffnang for another beauty preview. This time for ENUCA. Ever heard about this brand before?The day I received the phone call from the nuffies, Anne Cheah, as usual I whatsapped and texted my car pool members Nuurill and Nadine. Unfortunately, due to prompt invitation, both mommies were not free for that weekend. I started to worry. Maklumlah, nak ke sane, drive sorang2, kompem I sesat!

Dah tahu tak berapa nak kenal jalan, tak reti2 nak buat preparation awal2. Hasilnye, dah lah tolak around 1.30pm *after Zuhur prayers*, bertemankan plak Mr Gee Pee Ess yang dah ada kisah silamnye *memang layak ku baling dinding*, pusing sane sini, alih2 jumpe jugak White House. Thanks to madammondoq menunjuk jalan melalui hp.

Huh, memang boleh dipanggil White House pun..

Kelam-kabut parking kereta, terus meluru masuk ke dalam White House. Wow,jantung terhenti seketika. Aduhai cantiknye interior kat dalam White House ni. Simple but yet so luxurious! Received a warm welcome by the ENUCA staffs, they lead me for registration and straight away joined the other bloggers at beauty workshop area. I have been informed that this Smart Beauty Preview for Blogger launching were organized earlier before the media launching. Meaning that, the bloggers were given privileged to touch, feel and test before their official launch. *owh hebat jgak tu ek ;)*

Glad that they just started as I walked in and the workshop began with explanations by the marketing member of ENUCA followed by few other staffs explaining about ENUCA products. The final talk was given by the back bone of ENUCA, Ms Julie Wong who is the Vice President of Research, Development  & Academy. This pretty gorgeous lady is the master mind of this ENUCA products as all the product has been researched and developed by her team. Though it was initiated by local people, but most of the product has been doing researched and produced at  Switzerland. 

Let me explained generally about product by ENUCA. They have various type of products which can be classified into 2 main groups, beauty and well-being. Beautypart is consisted of skin care products and make up thingy as well as all the makeup tools. While the well being consisted of body and hair care products. All products are from natural based and of course free from animal based. And it really smells good and so fresh.

Ms Julie Wong, anak sorang tapi body slim tak hengat u..

Bloggers during the Smart Beauty Preview..

Demo on massage technique to apply the ENUCA serum.

Trying session..

With the help from the beauty assistant, everyone was so happy tenyeh2 all the product displayed on the table...

The new invention of ENUCA loose powder..

Make up products..

Make up stuff, skin care treatment and body care stuffs..

Finished the workshop session, we were given chances to visit their show room where all the products were beautifully displayed. Seriously the place was decorated in very luxurious way. Nama lagi tag line dia Luxury Is Yours kan??

The workshop area..

Their luxury showroom..

Blogger yang sibuk membeli belah. Maklumlah dapat special price.

Yours truly trying their loose powder.

Posing with their bodycare products..

Me with the beautiful Ms Julie..

Selesai testing2, sesi jadi model tak berbayar pulak while enjoying the free foods provided. 

Sakan u...

The bloggers..Jard, Madammondoq and Farra-eng...

Us with the nuffies, Anne Cheah...

One of the ENUCA staffs..
* thanks bro for your pictures*

Bloggers with ENUCA staffs..
owh the beautiful Merryn pun ada..

Agak2 apelah yang tekun sangat mommynadia ni buat???
Fill up form for free stuff!!...mmm patut ler =)

owhhh ..selain dapat free membership, each blogger bawak balik serum worth RM268, loose powder and 3 small bottles of serum worth RM88 each..
Agak2 suka tak??
Mesti lah...pengsan jap!!

Plus the diary too..

Nak jugak???
Yes..u guys pun ada peluang nak dapat...
Visit ENUCA fb,and join their Share-a-Treat Contest..

The whole products can be purchased online..
Just visit:

or those who stay nearby can have a visit at their White House:

Enuca Sdn Bhd
No. 28, Jalan 6/91,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
Batu 3½, Cheras,
56100, Kuala Lumpur,

Enuca Hunting line: 03-92820888
Enuca Fax: 03-92820999

Really had a great day, thanks to Nuffnang *muahsmuahs!!* and ENUCA for having us...


Blog Diva said...

pehhh!!!tuah badan la nadia...

white interior i like!!!

mommaholicSURI said...

Omai!! bestnya!! memang cantik betul tempat dia. Best best. I pun pengsan kejap tengok free giveaway dia babe! udahla dapat membership free. :)

The products looking great as well as your review!!! Good job, dear :)

p!nkerton said...

whoahh bestnya nadia, now u byk dpt invitation pegi event2 camni, best2 :D

Unknown said...

salam singgah,

nampak sgt eksklusif..
btw, enuca ada sijil halal ke macam Mary Kay..

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