Friday, May 27, 2011

the mothercare carnival!

What a bz week and its already friday...*sigh!
This gonna be the last week of my maternity leave and I was super duper bz settling all the pending things ..long list!
First and foremost, I have started sending Adryan to the nursery since Wed, to let the caregiver familiar with Ryan's routine and specially how to handle the CD..
*syukur, they really support me in cd'ing lil Ryan..
In these 3 days, Wed - Fri, plus another 2 days on weekend, my schedule mmg pack..waduh ckp gaya ala2 menteri...
Time really constrained, ada je yg tak sempat nk settle..pening2!
These 2 days also,I've been accompanied by my sis n bro, Che Mimi and Kamel aka photographer kami..
Maklumlah kakak2nye bloger tegar..walaupun blog hanya blog picisan bab kata Che Mimi..
On Wed, I've struggled doing printing for my thesis..
*ya ya...sudah siap!Alhamdulillah..convo will be this Oct..Amin!
Thurs,we went to the orange office, Nuffnang for the movie passes collection *thx Thara! and Medela Service Centre to service my Mini E..
* penat sgt sb jam terok and mommy yg dah 9mos + 2mos cuti tak drive, mcm sesat kat KL tuh...;(
I should go to UM for hardbound cover and Fabulous Mom for CD hunting..tak sempat, so ditunda ke hari ini..
Btw, yes FM were having sale of grovia..15% disc aka maveles!!! Smlm dah call, taksempat pergi, today will do reserve thru phone call and collect!
Yang kelakar,semalam tgh settle insurance payment kt Shah Alam, nursery dah call, susu Ryan tak cukup..
I brought 16oz yesterday and sent another 16oz extra..makaii Ryan pengsan mommy!!
Akibatnye, the 1st 2 days tu, kami mmg gigih mengepam..
Yang paling best, dekat Medela service centre tu,sempat kami try FS..waduuhhh lumayan!!!
Will blog about this soon..;)

And now, 4:30am, Ryan merengek2 ntah lah kenapa..terus mommy tak boleh tidur..
I guess I'm so excited for today's plan..
It's the movie day...yeay!
Harap2 Adam will behaved well, thats why I bring my 2 assistant too since my hubby will be going to Tg Malim today...!

And back to the entry's topic..I've planned to visit new mothercare store since last week, but postponed sb nak join this excited to bring Adam to see the puppet show..;)
*eleh..mesti my hubby kata alasan lah tu..padahal???!!!
Last night, I received invitation for Ziqri's 2nd birthday from my cuzen sista on Sat..mujur at 3pm,so sempat kami berdesup balik dr KLCC tu..
* btw, kak long,last night cal dah dzzzz..sorry, btw anything I can help??
   and Ziqri suka apa ek??bg hint sket..;)

Jom kita berkarnival..
Sape2 yg plan nak pergi tu, bolehlah kita pakat2 jumpa kat sane..

ps: kenapa hari Ahad saya sibuk jugak ek???*wink!

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Unknown said...

bersama2 la kita tak bley tido mlm ek, nadia..hehe.
wahh.. byk sungguh ryan minum susu.. another 16 oz tu pun habis gak ke nadia? eish eish..
teringin nak g carnival tu.. but i dont think mr hubby approve since dah ade kat umah parents ni. plus it is klcc..confirm2 dia xnak..crowded. btw, blog about it later k, nadia.

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